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Our Students and Alumni

Learn about our students: why they chose nursing, and why they love UB School of Nursing.

Maritess Seng
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Class of 2013, former MNSA President

"The faculty, they truly care about you. They want to know more about you. UB is such a big school, the school of nursing is such a big school. They try to know every single student, and that's something I really appreciate and really love about this school."

Mary Scheda
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ABS, Class of 2013, former NSO President

"I was here for my BS in Biomedical Sciences, so it seemed like the natural choice. UB has an excellent ABS program, and it was a very smooth transition for me. Buffalo's a great place to go to school and live, and I love Buffalo."

Heiton Chan
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Class of 2013

"I was always interested in health care, and when I thought about it in high school, I was considering between all the different professions, and I thought that nursing would be the best for me because of the patient care, and that was probably the major reason I chose nursing."

Daniel Gallant
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ABS, Class of 2013

"UB has an excellent program called the ABS program, it stands for Accelerated BSN [Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing], and it's just an excellent way for people in one field of study (it could be anything, in my case it was Psychology) to move into Nursing. So when I found out about it, I applied."

Krista Minnick
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Class of 2013

"I chose UB School of Nursing becuase they had a one-year online (RN to BS) program. Each and every  person I worked with during the process was more than helpful, and that alone made me want to come. They are also one of the most affordable schools in the area."

Laura Tirabassi
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Class of 2013

"I had heard that UB was very competitive, top-notch, forward-thinking, and a good research school, big on evidence practice...and I heard a lot of hospitals appreciate that and appreciate nurses that come from UB."

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