Marsha Lewis

Dean Marsha Lewis.

Dean Lewis is a specialist in psychiatric-mental health and nursing education, with expertise in curriculum and instructional systems.  Her research focuses on family caregivers of persons with dementia and on decision making for patients and families.  She works with an interdisciplinary team in nursing, gerontology, family social science, psychology, and occupational therapy. 

Dr. Lewis' research has included group interventions to decrease caregiver stress and burden, creation of a decision making tool for family caregivers, development of online caregiver training to accommodate caregivers who are unable to leave their family member to attend group sessions, and expansion of the caregiver intervention to Hispanic and African American populations, as well as to family caregivers in India. 

The Savvy Caregiver training program, a transportable intervention that can be facilitated by community members, is being conducted across the country primarily sponsored through chapters of the Alzheimer's Association.  The Savvy Caregiver was heralded as one of the country's evidence-based programs for caregivers, by the Administration on Aging.