Admissions Requirements

Before you can apply, you must have:

  • The equivalent of a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) degree
  • An active U.S. RN license
  • Acceptance to one of UB’s graduate nursing programs OR a graduate degree in nursing from another institution

To apply, you must submit:


Advanced Certificate Curriculum

Course Credits
NGC533 Teaching in Nursing
NUS 691     Advanced Information Technology in Practice, Education and Research 1
NUS 691L Advanced Information Technology in Healthcare Education Laboratory 1
  9 additional credits (see below) 9

Total Credits: 15

A minimum of nine additional credits are needed in an area chosen by the student, with approval of his/her faculty advisor, which fit the student's professional objectives. These graduate-level courses may include, but are not limited to:

Assessment & Measurement Credits
CEP 502  
Assessment of Learning and Instruction
CEP 503 Tests and Measurements 3
CEP 509 Educational and Psychological Measurement 3
NUS 706 Psycho-Social Measurement & Questionnaire Construction
Educational Technology Credits
CEP 506 Introduction to Educational Technology                3
CEP 508 Educational Uses of the Internet 3
CEP 565 Computers and Learning 3
LAI 678 Digital Media in Education 3
Learning, Cognition & Development Credits
CEP 546    Topical Seminar in Human Development          3
CEP 560 The Psychology of Learning and Instruction 3
CEP 564 Cognitive Psychology 3
CEP 566 Topical Seminar in Human Learning 3
Higher Education & Student Development Credits
ELP 501 Higher Education in the U.S.                             3
ELP 508 Community College 3
ELP 509 The American College Student 3
ELP 514 Student Development 3
ELP 533 College Impact on Students 3

Additional Information