Information for Preceptors

UG nursing student preparing medication.

Undergraduate preceptors are integral to the education of our students.

Information for our Preceptors

The faculty of the University at Buffalo School of Nursing would like to extend our appreciation to you for agreeing to serve as a clinical preceptor for our undergraduate students.  Your willingness to mentor these students is one of the highest forms of professionalism. As a clinical preceptor, you become a facilitator, educator, expert and role model for our students in your clinical setting. Our students benefit from your knowledge, expertise, confidence, dedication and leadership skills.

It is our desire to make this a rich and rewarding experience for you personally and professionally. Your willingness to become a preceptor enhances the learning experiences of our students, which makes our program stronger. The clinical faculty look forward to working with you in through this partnership.

To assist you in the preceptor role, this preceptor tutorial has been developed as your guide.