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Global Opportunities

The University at Buffalo School of Nursing is actively developing opportunities for nursing students to participate in a variety of cultural exchanges both in the U.S. and abroad.

The University at Buffalo has an active and exciting international presence offering multicultural and international enrichment opportunities. In addition to international experiences, there are many significant opportunities available in the United States and in the greater Buffalo-Niagara community to allow students to experience a different cultural environment.

The School of Nursing values service to our community and will offer opportunities for students to experience nursing in a variety of settings and with multicultural populations and urge students to consider participating in a multicultural experience.


  • Many multicultural experiences offered can be done independently.
  • Opportunities available are both credit and non-credit bearing. Many opportunities will be in the form of a service learning experience, where the student volunteers their time with an organization to provide services within the scope of their abilities. Credit bearing opportunities may be either short or longer term, under a variety of auspices.
  • THESE ARE NOT CLINICAL NURSING OPPORTUNITIES (except for the *Senior Immersion Course (NSG 447) and some specific international placements. 

*NOTE: Senior nursing students have a three week preceptor-led “Senior Immersion Experience” NSG 447 in an approved, mutually agreed upon setting at the end of their Spring semester. The Senior Immersion Experience must meet the course objectives and is arranged during the fall and early spring semester with the NSG 447 coordinator.

Planning Ahead

  • For first and second year undergraduates, the best option is a traditional semester abroad. (Some of the opportunities available for upper division nursing students may also be available to lower division pre-nursing undergrads).
  • For upper division, (junior and senior NURSING students) and/or graduate students the best option is to apply for a service learning experience during the winter session enrolling in NSG 437.  
  • Credit bearing courses:  Upper division and/or graduate students who are participating in a global or multicultural study experience (includes both domestic and international), enroll in NSG 437 an on-line or a face to face seminar that will allow students to thoughtfully examine both their experience and their chosen environment.   Web access is a necessity.
  • Start early to plan!  APPLY one semester prior to the semester in which you plan to participate, or as indicated by the deadline of the program of your choice.  (Upper division students or graduate students considering enrolling in NSG 437 discuss with your advisor or course NSG 437 faculty instructor).

UB School of Public Health Office of Global Health Initiatives Seminar Series

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