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Study Abroad Experiences for Intended and Approved Nursing Majors

Intended Nursing Majors

Semester-Long Experiences

The sequential and compact nature of our prerequisites and upper division curriculum make it difficult for nursing students to participate in an entire semester-long study abroad experience. It is unlikely that you will be able to complete prerequisite courses while abroad and it is not permissible to take upper division nursing courses at another institution.

However, students who plan ahead and stay on track academically have the opportunity to study abroad for an entire semester with guidance from their academic advisor. Students may choose to spend the spring semester of sophomore year abroad. In order to accomplish this, students may need to attend summer school between their freshman and sophomore years. Additionally, students may need to take 1-2 additional courses during regular semesters to complete all requirements. Students interested in exploring this option are asked to work with an academic advisor in the School of Nursing to map out an appropriate curricular plan. Visit the Study Abroad website to learn about semester long abroad opportunities.

Summer and Winter Abroad Options

The University’s Study Abroad Office offers an array of summer and winter abroad options for students. Studying abroad over the summer or winter semester break offers students an opportunity to participate in a study abroad experience without interfering with the sequencing of coursework and allows students to stay academically on track.

Approved Nursing Majors

International and Domestic Experiences

Nursing specific options through the School of Nursing: The University at Buffalo School of Nursing is actively developing opportunities for nursing students to participate in a variety of cultural exchanges both in the U.S. and abroad. Visit our Global Opportunities page for more information.

Summer and Winter Abroad Options

General options through the Study Abroad Office: The University offers an array of summer and winter abroad options for students.

Semester Long Experiences

It is not possible to spend a semester abroad taking upper division (junior and senior level) nursing courses. Therefore, it is highly suggested that students consider a winter or summer experience.


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