UBNursing 2016-2017

Lessons from a nursing student's hospice internship
Tailoring health care to ensure that individuals receive equitable care
Incoming NYSANA President Cheryl Spulecki Balances Educator, Care Provider, Advocate Roles
HRSA Grant Extends SON's Reach for Underserved Populations
Expressive therapies enhance the well-being of hospice patients, families and caregivers.
Becoming a culturally-competent, globally-minded health care professional can begin anywhere – for 10 nursing undergraduates and 30 dental students from UB, a school in Cookeville, Tennessee, served as the backdrop for an eyeopening, hands-on lesson about the realities of health care access in their own country.
The carved remnants of a past, but not forgotten, civilization bask in the striking midday sun amongst tangles of trees. They climb the cracked stone stairs, an unexpected highway to a breathtaking scene of lush green below a sparkling azure sky, streaked with stratus clouds, to rest upon something holy – to gaze across a giving land that will gift them with knowledge more powerful than they could ever dream of gleaning from bound pages.