School of Nursing Commencement 2020

The School of Nursing hosted a virtual commencement ceremony for the Class of 2020 on Friday, May 15. While this is not the celebration that we all planned on, we're committed to making sure it's one our graduates will remember. 

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School of Nursing 2020 Commencement Videos

Dean's Remarks & Conferral of Degrees

Student Speaker: Nicholas Ellis

Commencement Awards: Presented by Jennifer Guay

Keynote: Corrie (O'Hara) Smith, DNP '13

Student Speaker: Angelyn Brown

A Message to the Class of 2020 from the Undergraduate Nursing Faculty

Commencement quotes

Commencement awards

Commencement messages

Congratulations Erin, we are so proud of you!!! Looking forward to a big celebration at home when we can!!!"

-Love, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Gary xoxo

Exceptional times calls for exceptional nurses. Each of you will make your mark in Nursing and shine through this dark cloud of pandemic. As a UB graduate, being outstanding is what we're all about. Congratulations to each and every one of you!” 

-Janice Jones

Congratulations on your achievement! As Nurses, we heal, we teach, and we innovate. Put your patients first in all you do and you will be a valuable member of the healthcare team in whatever role you chose. Good Luck!”

-Kathy Koch, BS ‘87

Congratulations Class of 2020!!! May you do and achieve all you dream of and work toward in this brave new world you are entering into.” 

-Jennifer Creasey, BS ’95

Welcome to professional nursing, a wonderful, fulfilling career for yourself, your family, and humanity. Caring is in my core, and I am proud I have been a caregiver, a nurse practitioner, a nurse leader, teacher, and role model. I have many choices and opportunities. I have worked with a diversity of people, in reverse roles. The best to you all.”

-Judith Bernbeck Kiley, MS '63, BS '60

Congratulations Erin. I am so very proud of you. You will do great things. Love you so much. God bless. Love, grandma."

-Bernadette Gebhart

Congratulations to the School of Nursing Graduation Class of 2020. The education, support and guidance you have received through the years has prepared you well to step into this crucial time in our country's history. Now more than ever your expertise are needed to provide the care so many are in of and just as important the support families need.

This is 'The Year of the Nurse' and more than ever people throughout the world are expressing their appreciation to you for your role in providing care to their loved ones. I salute you and my prayers and Best Wishes will be with you always."

-Cheryl May, BS '77

Congratulations to the UB School of Nursing Class of 2020. You are graduating at an unprecedented time with challenges that us retired grads have never faced or imagined. It is also a time when you will have new opportunities and experiences to help you continue to learn and grow in your profession. May you have personal strength and guidance from your current and future colleagues as you begin your professional career in this new 'normal' world. Best wishes as you embark to care for patients and their families with compassion, knowledge and skill. Each one of you is equipped to and can improve the delivery of health care in this country. Go to it!!” 

-Sharon S. Dittmar, BS '68, BS '73

Congratulations Michael! I can’t wait to see you go on to do great things!"

-Jake Thide

To the Class of 2020: Your faculty is so VERY PROUD of each and every one of YOU! It's been rewarding for each of us to mentor each of you in your professional journey. Welcome to our MOST NOBEL profession! Congratulations!"

-Linda Steeg 

Congratulations Erin, we are all so proud of you!! You are already doing great things! Hugs!"

-Uncle Ricky, Aunt Melinda, Connor and Alaina

Congratulations to my fellow classmates. I am so honored to be entering the most noble profession alongside all of you. I will miss you all. Good luck out there. Much love!"

-Abby Fain

Congratulations Grace on your persistence and achievements as you graduate and embark on your career. Love, Dad.”

-Arnold Tranes

You made it! Now your adventure begins. I spent the last 30 years as a nurse and have had an incredible journey. I hope yours is wonderful. Good luck ad best wishes."

-Susan Sturniolo, BS ‘90

I am so proud of the graduating UB nursing students! You have shown such spirit and courage. It has been a pleasure to be your clinical faculty. I wish you all the best in your future careers.”  

-Beth Nicastro

I would wish each of you a Magic Carpet of Hope: 'Hope is the magic carpet that transports us from the present moment into there the realm of infinite possibilities' (H.Jackson Brown)"

-Betty Noyes, BS ‘65

Very best wishes to the graduates of 2020. May your life's journey take you to places where you will have opportunities to use your skills and talents creating a better world by caring for the very vulnerable. May you make a lifetime of wonderful memories. God Bless You!”

-Ellie Cantwell, BS ‘68

'You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose (Dr. Seuss).' Congratulations to you my smart, beautiful, vibrant niece!! I am so proud of the young lady you’ve become and the amazing accomplishments you have made. The sky’s the limit! Leave your mark!! Stay safe❤️❤️ Love you, Aunt Carol Ann."

-Carol Ann Iovino 

Congratulations Michael! We are proud of you and so very happy for you as you begin the next leg of your journey."

-The Thide Family 

Congratulations Michael! I can’t wait to see you go on to do great things!"

-Jake Thide  

Congratulations on graduating, Belmont!! This is such a huge accomplishment & I know how hard you’ve worked to achieve it. Can’t wait to celebrate soon!"

-Kiersten Pease  

Congratulations Olivia Cox!!!! We Love You 😘😘😘"

-LaDonna Cox

Congratulations to my niece Carlee Ostrom and all the nursing graduates of the class of 2020. Looking back on my nursing graduation 43 yrs ago I had so many expectations and goals. Retiring as a cardiac nurse I am so proud to have been a nurse and thankful of all the people I have helped. We were sort of the stepping stone for nursing. The class of 2020 will continue what we have started and advance nursing to unlimited expectations god bless you all as you gone to your future goals in an inspiring profession."

-Barbara Mihalko 

Congratulations Sydney Rotunno!!! You’re gonna be the best nurse 💙"

-Stephanie Dubanos 

Congratulations Class of 2020! I can’t believe that it has already been 4 years since I was in your shoes. If this pandemic has shown you anything about the nursing profession, it is that it certainly is never easy but somehow always worth it. I wouldn’t trade my path in life for the world, and I know you all will feel the same! Be confident in the knowledge you have gained from your incredible education, and build upon that as you enter your careers. Welcome to the best profession!"

-Keleey Habermehl

Congratulations. As your grandma and R.N. of 56 years, I am overwhelmingly proud of you and your accomplishments. The future is bright as you enter a career with many challenges, rewards and fulfilling experiences. It will be a remarkable journey for you. Love you."

-Ann Corbett 

Nightingale Pledge

Nursing faculty holding candles reciting Nightingale Pledge: I solemnly pledge to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.