PULSE Healthy Weight Research Team

PULSE team members.

The Promoting Universal Longevity via School-family Ecologies (PULSE) Team's objective is the promotion of healthy weight and behavioral health among individuals who may be overweight, obese and/or at-risk for lifestyle-related disease.

Research Foci

Clinical studies of obese and bariatric surgery patients (adolescents & adults) via multi-disciplinary behavioral medicine: 
  • Developing dynamic and customizable, multi-component interventions based in self-determination theory
    • Distance and telehealth technologies as tools to facilitate intervention implementation
  • Understanding neurobiological underpinnings influencing long-term, post-operative weight change (and informing interventions with results)
  • Utilizing a combination of big data/empirical evidence and clinical/community-based evidence to inform intervention packages (i.e., for lifelong weight maintenance)
  • Using a strengths-based approach to promote lifelong mental and physical health in post-operative bariatric surgery patients


Laura Anderson

Community Members (Ex Oficio)

  • Gary Steeves (Pastor, Resurrection Village Ministry)
  • Sue Ventresca (Director of Health-Related Services, Buffalo Public Schools)
  • Melinda Yoder (Team dietician - Registered Dietician, Balanced Nutrition WNY)


  • Abby Fain 
  • Lindsay Boyle 
  • Caitlin Batjer
  • Gabrielle Santander
  • Francesca Dominianni
  • Ariana Roman
  • Gabrielle Vargas
  • Tom Chacko