Biobehavioral Oncology Quality of Life Across the Lifespan


Grace Dean
Suzanne Dickerson
Mary Ann Meeker

Research Team members sitting in meeting in conference room

Patricia Nisbet
Pamela Paplham

Bio-Behavioral Scholarship Team

The Biobehavioral Quality of Life Across the Lifespan Scholarly Team consists of faculty, students and community partners with a wide array of research interests in the field of oncology with a focus on symptom management, behavioral and quality of life issues. The goal of the team is to support and promote research among the group members by utilizing a variety of methods to facilitate group interaction and participation. The group meets on a regular basis throughout the academic year for a variety of scholarly activities including:

  • Critiquing abstracts and grant proposals
  • Editing and critiquing manuscripts for submission
  • Consultation and critique of accepted conference presentations
  • Promoting exploration of research questions for dissertation proposals
  • Exploring creative research innovations for future grant applications
  • Rehearsal of dissertation defense by doctoral student members

Distance Learning (DL) technology is available to group members who are off site to encourage participation in group activities.