Health Systems and Data Science

Research team members posing in front of presentation screen.

About the Team

The Health Systems and Data Science Scholarly Team focuses on data science approaches to analyze health systems (and not genomic big data). Topics encompass work with interprofessional teams, use of technology to improve care, and emerging roles in nursing, such as care coordination, with the focus on improving quality and safety across settings. The goal is to use data science methods to answer research questions and to incorporate technology into nursing activities.


  • Sabrina Casucci
  • Yu-Ping Chang
  • Sharon Hewner (Email)
  • Jan Jones
  • Carla Jungquist
  • Diane Loomis
  • Darryl Somayaji
  • Linda Steeg
  • Suzanne Sullivan

Additional Team Members

Scott Erdley, DNS, RN, Special Projects Simulation Education Specialist, Behling Human Simulation Center