Margaret Moss

margaret moss

A nurse scholar and an attorney, Margaret Moss is the assistant dean for diversity and inclusion at the School of Nursing. Renowned as an expert in health care issues involving American Indians and elder care, she possesses a broad range of leadership, public policy and legislative experience, including having staffed the U.S. Senate on Aging, focusing on legislative/policy issues facing our aging population.

Moss’ career advocating for diversity in academia and health care delivery serves as the catalyst for her recent book, “American Indian Health and Nursing,” the nation’s first nursing textbook tailored to perhaps the least understood minority population in the U.S. In the book, she describes how disparities in health care policy, along with environmental and historical factors affecting the fabric of American Indian society, are responsible for the group’s lack of well-being. Moss’ expertise enhances our capacity to strengthen a culture of inclusion, respect and collaboration within the School of Nursing. She is an enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota and one of only a few American Indian nurses with a doctorate in nursing.