Program Quick Facts


$470 per credit hour

Time to Completion

Full or part-time

Credit Hours


Start Term

Spring or Summer


Synchronous online

Degree Required

Bachelors in nursing

*Estimated tuition is based on the resident rate and does not include fees.

More About the Advanced Certificate in Nursing Education

The insufficient number of nurses in the job market is linked directly to the shortage of faculty at nursing schools across the country, which contributes to the overall decline in new enrollments at a time when the need for nurses continues to grow.

This advanced certificate program is in response to this major crisis facing nursing education to provide a sufficient workforce to meet health care challenges in the new millennium and prepares nurses as educators, offering career advancement options such as a move into academia. Programs of study are flexible and individualized to meet students’ professional goals.

Students can complete this program concurrently with one of UB’s other graduate nursing programs or as a standalone certificate for those who have already completed a graduate nursing degree.

Admissions Requirements

Before you can apply, you must have:

  • The equivalent of a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) degree
  • An active U.S. RN license
  • Acceptance to one of UB’s graduate nursing programs OR a graduate degree in nursing from another institution

To apply, you must submit:


Course codes, titles and credits
Course Credits
NGC533 Teaching in Nursing
NUS691     Advanced Information Technology in Practice, Education & Research 1
NUS691L Advanced Information Technology in Healthcare Education Laboratory 1
  9 additional credits (see below) 9

Total Credits: 15

A minimum of nine additional credits are needed in an area chosen by the student, with approval of his/her faculty advisor, which fit the student's professional objectives. These graduate-level courses may include, but are not limited to:

Assessment & Measurement
Course Credits
CEP 503 Tests and Measurements 3
CEP 509 Educational and Psychological Measurement 3
NUS 706 Psycho-Social Measurement & Questionnaire Construction
Educational Technology
Course Credits
CEP 506 Introduction to Educational Technology                3
CEP 508 Educational Uses of the Internet 3
LAI 678 Digital Media in Education 3
Learning, Cognition & Development
Course Credits
CEP 546    Human Development I      3
CEP 560 The Psychology of Learning and Instruction 3
CEP 564 Cognitive Psychology 3
Higher Education & Student Development
Course Credits
ELP 501 Higher Education in the U.S.                             3
ELP 508 Community College 3
ELP 509 The American College Student 3
ELP 514 Student Development 3
ELP 533 College Impact on Students 3

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