Lauren Kujawinski, Fuld Fellow (ABS Program)

About Lauren

Lauren Kujawinski.
  • Program: ABS Nursing
  • Hometown: West Seneca, NY
  • Favorite Self-Care Activity: Spending time with my son and family
  • Previous Education: BA, Communication, University at Buffalo

Why nursing?

I decided to become a nurse after I experienced a health scare that required me to spend a significant amount of time under medical supervision. I consistently observed nurses go far beyond their daily required duties for my benefit. Gradually, I felt myself become more and more inspired to be a nurse. My mother is also a nurse and I gained a greater appreciation for her amidst my health crisis, too. I found myself wishing I had taken the career path she had in life, which resulted in me changing course and following in my mother’s footsteps.

There is nothing more meaningful than helping people through their worst days; I cannot imagine a profession with more importance and beauty. I truly believe that it is my calling in life to become a nurse, and I will stop at nothing to make my dream a reality. I am unwilling to put my aspirations on hold as I now understand that our time on earth is precious and not guaranteed.

Why UB?

University at Buffalo is my alma mater, so I have always been aware of the School of Nursing's excellent reputation. There was no other school I considered for my nursing degree.

Areas of Interest

My dream is to work as a pediatric nurse; caring for children and pediatric nursing is my natural passion. I cannot imagine a more rewarding career than advocating for children who cannot do so for themselves.

Activities and Accolades

In my spare time, I most enjoy spending quality time with my son and family. I also enjoy running and hiking. My most challenging hike was Mt. Elbert in Leadville, Colorado, which reaches an altitude of 14,000 feet!

What's Next

Once I obtain my degree, I want to begin working as a nurse as soon as possible. My goal is to secure a nursing position working with children here in Buffalo. I plan on working as a nurse until I reach retirement and then volunteer at the local children’s hospital.