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About the CNR

The Center for Nursing Research (CNR) is dedicated to providing resources to support faculty and students to develop and advance nursing and interprofessional science.

CNR staff provide methodological and clinical research consultation to the School of Nursing faculty, students and staff. The Center is a repository for information on internal and external sources of funding, including guidelines and application forms. The Center also houses a research library and research instrument repository.


  • Expedite preparation of high quality grant proposals
  • Foster energy and interest in research
  • Support the creation of quality manuscripts and presentations on nursing research
  • Stimulate the development of a community of scholars/researchers
  • Increase the knowledge base of nursing
  • Establish a repository of research resources
  • Enhance research skills and productivity through multidisciplinary teams


  • Statistical Analysis and Consultation
  • Assistance with grant proposal preparation
  • Editing of grant proposal documents
  • Grant Proposal Review through Expert Panel
  • Pilot/Preliminary Data Analysis
  • Poster Preparation
  • Literature Searches
  • End Note Bibliography Management
  • Designing data entry programs
  • Funding Searches
  • Manuscript Preparation
  • Editing of Manuscripts
  • Research Methods Library

Frequently Used Forms

Research Posters

Shirley D. Devoe Doctoral Dissertation Award

Faculty and Staff

Yu-Ping Chang.

Patricia H. and Richard E. Garman Endowed Professor
Associate Dean for Research & Scholarship
Associate Professor

101 C Wende Hall
Telephone: 716-829-2015
Email: yc73@buffalo.edu

In addition to her role as the Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship, Yu Ping Chang, PhD, RN, is an associate professor teaching courses that include Quantitative Research Methods and Data Management and Analysis with SPSS. Her areas of research include substance use and prescription medication use in older adults and caregiving and medication management for individuals with dementia.

Christopher Barrick.

Research Associate Professor

303 Wende Hall
Phone: 716-829-3280
Email: cbarrick@buffalo.edu

As a part of the CNR, Christopher Barrick will continue his research in the substance use field. His research interests focus on two broad areas: looking at effective ways to disseminate evidence-based interventions into broad clinical practice and using technology to facilitate clinical substance abuse research. He has developed an alternate form of the telephone-based clinical skill assessment tool (T-CAT), with an interactive voice recording (IVR)-based approach to assessment. This has promise as a method to allow for improved clinical skill assessment for a variety of training methods in the alcohol and drug abuse treatment fields. 

Portrait of Diane Dempsey.

Diane Dempsey, MS, CRA

CNR and SON Grant Manager

101 D Wende Hall
Phone: 716-829-3105
Email: ddempsey@buffalo.edu

As the manager of the CNR and SON grants, Dempsey manages the finances and the application process for grants in the School of Nursing.  She also supervises the CNR staff, coordinates the work flow for the RAs of the CNR and oversees the smooth running of the office. Dempsey brings her expertise in grant administration and her years of experience with UB Sponsored Projects to her role in the CNR.


Steven Lamkin

Manager for Research Advancement

101 B Wende Hall
Phone: 716-829-3972
Email: slamkin@buffalo.edu

image of Dr. Li.

Professor and Statistician

201 B Wende Hall
Phone: 716-829-3344
Email: chinshan@buffalo.edu

Through the CNR, Chin-Shang Li provides consultations in developing sample size estimates and data analysis plans for grant applications, conceiving, overseeing and conducting analyses of existing datasets and participating in research dissemination through the development of publications and presentation.

Nicole Roma.

Nicole Roma

Staff Assistant

321 D Wende Hall
Phone: 716-829-3205
Email: njaloisi@buffalo.edu

Tania T Von Visger.

Tania T. Von Visger, PhD, APRN, CNS, CCNS, PCCN

Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Assistant Professor

Department of Family Medicine, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
77 Goodell St. Suite #220
Phone: 716-816-7232
Email: taniavon@buffalo.edu

Research Assistants

Samantha Auerbach

Portrait of Samantha Auerbach.

Samantha is a second-year PhD student in the School of Nursing. As a research assistant her role includes literature review, data management, grant and manuscript preparation, and assisting faculty with research projects. Samantha brings to her role experience as a board certified Nurse Practitioner in Adult Health & Women's Health and a clinical research coordinator.

Thomas Chacko

portrait of Thomas Chacko.

Tom is a PhD student in Counseling Psychology at University at Buffalo. Tom’s research interests include psychological well-being of aging veterans with special focus on post-trauma adaptations (PTSD & PTG), resilience, personality and mood disorders. His responsibilities at CNR includes literature reviews, data management and analyses, and assisting faculty with their research projects and grant submissions.

Chia-Hui (Kate) Chen


Kate is a fourth-year PhD student in the School of Nursing. Her research interest is end-of-life nursing care in the critical care settings. As a research assistant in CNR, her duties and responsibilities include literature reviews, materials preparation for grant submission and research coordination.

Misol Kwon

misol kwon.

Misol is a third-year PhD student in the School of Nursing. Her research interests include sleep science, obstructive sleep apnea, smoking and electronic cigarettes. As a research assistant, her role includes literature and data management, processing, reviews, analysis and assisting faculty with their research projects.

Yanjun Zhou

portrait of Yanjun Zhou.

Yanjun (Katherine) is a first year student in BS to PhD program. As a research assistant, her role includes literature review, data management, grant and manuscript preparation, and assisting faculty with research projects.