SleepWell! with MS

SleepWell! with MS application (SW!MS) was developed by a research team that includes nurse scientists who are experts in sleep and mindfulness and a student app developer. 


Our goal is to help adults with multiple sclerosis (MS) achieve better sleep and less daytime fatigue. Together we developed SleepWell!, an eight week program using videoconferencing technology (Zoom) that combines lifestyle behaviors with mindfulness practices to improve sleep quality.

Lifestyle behaviors include getting light exposure and keeping a winddown routine. Mindfulness practices are taught to shorten sleep onset and help return to sleep during the night.

Our initial pilot study results showed that many participants did have better sleep quality and improved quality of life. Focus group interviews found that participants enjoyed the course. They offered suggestions for improvements, which were used in the development of the app.

Based on this feedback, we created a mobile application that contains tips to improve sleep based on current research and recorded meditations to reduce the worry that often keeps people awake during the night. We hope that the routine use of the sleep tips and recorded meditations during and after participating in our group program will support continued behaviors that promote good sleep.

Please use this app during the day to increase mindfulness and reduce anxiety and during the night to help you go to sleep. Read our sleep tips to gain knowledge about sleep and how MS might affect your sleep. Track your meditations and sleep quality to monitor your progress. 

We welcome feedback, comments and suggestions for improvements.

You can email us at Always talk with your health care provider about any difficulty that you are having sleeping.

About the App

Brief Description

SleepWell! is a unique mobile-based application that has been designed using current research evidence to provide an integrated sleep education and mindfulness platform. Users can read detailed information about topics like “How to sleep” or “How to meditate.” Mindfulness meditation recordings are provided to help individuals cope with anxiety and support better sleep. The simplistic layout of the SleepWell! app enables users to easily navigate and includes accessibility options such as text voice-over for those with difficulty reading or hearing.

Diagram (Workflow)

Sleepwell application tab bar descriptions. Tabs include home, sleep, check in, meditations, and settings.

Data Collection, Usage and Privacy Statement

The SleepWell! app does not collect or store any personal information. The app has been designed keeping privacy as a priority, and users are not required to share any information to use the app.

How It Works

The graphic below shows the various features of the SleepWell! app.

Sleepwell application features.

SleepWell! application features include sleep check-in, daily quotes, sleep and meditation tips, detailed sleep information, progress tracker, recorded meditations, privacy protected, and daily meditation reminder.

Screenshots of Features and Settings Screens

The SleepWell! app does not collect or store any personal information. The app has been designed keeping privacy as a priority, and users are not required to share any information to use the app.

Home Screen

Sleepwell application home screen.

This screen includes the quote of the day and quick meditation tips for users.

Track Progress Screen

Sleepwell application track progress screen.

This screen shows bar charts for meditation minutes and fatigue level over time.

Sleep Screen

Sleepwell application sleep screen.

This screen includes general sleep information and connection of sleep with MS and meditation.

Symptom Tracker Screen

Sleepwell application symptoms screen.

This screen shows bar charts for sleep quality and symptoms over time.

Meditations Screen

Sleepwell application meditations screen.

This screen includes recorded meditation sessions to help users relax and sleep.

Settings Screen

Sleepwell application settings screen.

This screen allows users to set reminders and read about SleepWell!.

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