UB School of Nursing PhD Candidate receives Sleep Research Society Award

Re-timer Bright Light glasses for light treatment

Bright Light Therapy glasses  

Published August 21, 2017

Sleep Well!

“I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to enhance research skills with one of the most successful researchers in the fields of sleep and circadian rhythms, Dr. Burgess. ”
Carleara Weiss, PhDc
University at Buffalo School of Nursing

Carleara Weiss, PhDc, is the recipient of a Mentor-Mentee Award from the Sleep Research Society. Her mentor for this award is Helen Burgess, PhD, Director of the Biological Rhythms Research Laboratory at Rush University, Chicago. Burgess' work examines sleep and circadian rhythms in many clinical disorders with emphasis on how sleep and circadian treatments, including light treatment, can be used to improve health and reduce disease burden.

The one-year mentorship plan includes training in measurement of dim light melatonin onset as a marker for circadian phase in humans, analysis of actigraphy data, measurement and analysis of environmental light, and use of wearable devices (such as the Re-timer/Bright Light glasses) to deliver bright light therapy in clinical research.

The mentor-mentee program is intended to grow the field of sleep researchers and offers an opportunity for participants to engage in future research collaborations.

Weiss’ research interests include the effects of bright light therapy on circadian rhythms, sleep and fatigue in cancer survivors.