Nurses Month: Thank You, Nurses!

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Nurses play the most vital role in providing health services to our family, friends and neighbors during this unprecedented time in our nation’s history. Each and every day, they’re making sacrifices for us as they serve on the front lines of care.

Now, more than ever, nurses need our support. Please take a moment to create a thank you message that we can share with nurses throughout National Nurses Month, which is celebrated in May.

On this page:

A note to thank you for your dedication and personal attention you give to your patients AND the family members who come and visit. a special thank you to those who work as hospice nurses. I am proud to call my friends and family members nurses!

-Jill Hackenberg

Thank you so much for your time and efforts to help everyone around you. Praying that you all stay safe and healthy to keep fighting the fight!"

-Kaylyn Billups

Thank you for helping people get better when they are sick. You are very brave!!"

-Joey Lewis-Becker

Thank you to all the wonderful nurses out there who are working tirelessly to help their communities! It is appreciated beyond words!"

-Rebecca Engasser

We are beyond thankful for your dedication to your field and your community. A simple thank you is not enough to express our gratitude for the sacrifices you are making as well as the care you are giving to those who need it the most. May is National Nurses month, but your courageous work is recognized and appreciated all months of the year. Thank you. Stay safe."

-Megan Buzzard

I want to say thank you to all the nurses out there making great sacrifices and doing heroic acts everyday to save lives. Your actions will never be forgotten by the American are all heroes in my eyes!"

-Grace Clark

Words really do not express how much your dedication and hard work mean to so many people. While you are currently in the spotlight, please know that every day, you are appreciated and our world is a better and safer place because of you. Thank you."

-Jaimie Falzarano

Thank you doesn't even seem like enough to express how grateful my family and I are for all nurses that work with compassion and care all the time, but especially now, as we deal with this public health crisis. To all the many, many nurses working everyday, in so many ways to care for our sick, our children, the elderly, those needing surgery, those needing life saving treatments, and more, we express our utmost appreciation. Most sincerely, THANK YOU!"

-Justine Hessler

Every graduating nursing class has it’s challenges. Back in the late 90’s mine was working as a HHA while already passing the boards. There was an over abundance of RN’s at the time. That’s how I ended up in pediatrics. That was my blessing. My hope for you all is that you find your calling during this challenging time in medicine. Be well, God bless!

-Christine Aprahamian

Thank you for what you are doing for all of us everyday. May you and your family stay safe during this terrible time, and may you be protected and supplied the strength you need to carry you through this. Your courage is beyond measure, and we are forever grateful to you and the other brave souls out there on the front lines."

-Cindy B.

A few weeks ago I gave birth to my first child. I was an incredibly excited first time mom but became very nervous a few weeks before my due date. With frequent COVID-19 updates and the news that I needed a c-section, I was anxious and afraid. The nurses at the hospital were so wonderful and put my mind at ease. They took such great care of us before, during and after the surgery. I am so thankful for their kindness, support and compassion during that time of uncertainty for me. Nurses are incredible - thank you for everything you do for your community!"

-Courtney Sipes

Thank you for your dedication!"

-Antonia Carter-Redding

Thank you to all of the nurses out there who are literally putting their lives on the line for people! I want to give a special thanks to my fiancé, who is working directly with COVID patients and saving their lives. I am so thankful for heroes like her and I cannot even come close to expressing how grateful I am of her! THANK YOU TO ALL NURSES! 

-Brandon Sicurella 

My daughter-in-law Katie is a nurse. I know how dedicated nurses are around the world. Please know that all of us deeply appreciate the incredible personal sacrifices you are making to care for those who have unfortunately fallen ill during this pandemic. God bless you."

-Eric Alcott

I am honored to be the daughter of a nurse. Nurses are true health care superheroes, especially now! Thank you for all you are doing. Sending wishes of safety and comfort to nurses everywhere!"

-Cathy Carfagna

Thank you for all that you are doing. You are our heroes and history will remember you!!"

-Surya Pulavarti

Thank you to all the nurses and those entering the nursing field. You are on the front lines of the COVID response. Thank you for your dedication and service to our community!"

-Jean Wactawski-Wende

On behalf of Nation Nurse Day. Me and healthy individuals of lakeview would like to thank a nurse to honor this day. God Bless you for all of your hard work and commitment in helping others during these hard times. Shout out from Suburban Adult Services Inc."

-Desiree Kuczkowski 

Thank you, nurses, for everything you’re doing during this crazy, unprecedented time. I am proud to be a daughter and friend of a nurse. I can only hear and listen to what you go through. I am thankful to have strong leaders, like you, in the Buffalo community! Thank you!"

-Whitney Tracy

Honoring your dedication and commitment to caring for patients and their families everyday. Your kindness and compassion transform heart-breaking circumstances by your love. May you be kept safe and well."

-Arlene Kaukus

A thank you just doesn't seem enough for all that you do; not only during this difficult time, but in your regular day to day work life. Please know that all your efforts have not gone unnoticed. You have a gift that many of us do not and the strength that most will never have in a lifetime. With much appreciation to you and your families for the sacrifices you give to care for others."

-Rose Polino

Thank you for everything you do every day to take care of members of our community!! You’re truly heroes. 💜"

-Erica Fleming

THANK YOU to all of the nurses that are doing an amazing job out in the front line of this pandemic. You all ROCK and are so wonderful doing what you are all doing to help people with this horrible disease. All the best and I am thinking and praying for the nurses each and every day. Stay strong and again, thank you so much for everything you are all doing to help others get through this difficult time."

-Karen Korczynski

A big thank you to all the nurses out there on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. Please know that we appreciate the chances you take"

-Allison Orta

My mom (recently departed) was a nurse back in the 50's and I can still remember her stories of the ER in our small town hospital. Since then I have had the honor and pleasure of working with several former nurses at UB. Amazing people."

-Hugh Jarvis

Thank you for all that you do! We are so grateful for all of your support, care and kindness towards your patients and your dedication to healthcare."

-Tim Matthews

Thank you for helping to make this world a healthier place. You are part of a truly noble profession. Happy Nurses Month!"

-Graham Hammill

"Thank you seems inadequate to express the gratitude for all of the nurses risking their lives on the frontline of this pandemic. Many times, you may be the only source of comfort to the patient. It takes a very special person to provide the empathy and care that they need. As the daughter of an R.N., I know how hard you work each day and the sacrifices you make. Please know how grateful I am for all that you do. God Bless!"

-Karen Grey

This is a huge thank you to ALL of the nurses working in the hospitals, nursing homes and home health care. Especially my future daughter in law Priscilla Aguirre. We can not get thru this without all the sacrifices you have made. You had to make the choice to put your patients first and your family second, while also worrying about your own health. And what you could be possibly bring home to your family. And thank you to your families who had to carry on at home without you. You are all very special, keep up the good work and stay safe."

-Terry Terranova

Thank you, nurses! You are our heroes. God bless you!"

-Cecelia Szumski 

I am so proud to support nurses and future nurses any way that I can. My sincerest gratitude for your knowledge, compassion and dedication to the safety of our families and community!

-Sarah Goldthrite

You are the ones that hold our loved ones hands, comfort them when we are not there, catch mistakes before they occur and hurry to a quiet stairwell to drop in a crouched position to cry so no one sees. I love each and every one of you and my heart is with you all along with my prayers. Thank you for being there for them. Thank you for being there for me! Every surgery, every procedure, with words of encouragement. Now it's time for our words to be encouraging. I send you all virtual (((hugs)))."

-Margaret Brooks

My mother was an ER nurse for 40 years. I am grateful for her and all nurses. You are amazing, strong and special people. Thank you for your passion and dedication."

-Meghan Wood

Ellen S. - You are my hero. We don't owe you only appreciation. We owe you our lives. You rock!! Love you!"

"Chris M. - Thank you for being a hero! Love you!!"

-Kerri Jasen

Thank you for showing up, and for smiling (even behind your masks)! You are special and amazing humans, who give your all for those who are facing the most difficult days. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-Malinda Keidel 

Thanks to all the nurses for doing this extraordinary effort and all things you do for patients."

-Shashank Kelkar