Diversity & Inclusion Resources for Students

As the largest portion of the global health care workforce who are often the only point of care for vulnerable communities, it is imperative that nurses be socially and culturally conscious, empathetic, and person-centered. We will continue to strive to improve diversity in our school and the profession by supporting our students and diversity and inclusion initatives in our school and university.

Diversity & Inclusion at UB

Academic & Peer Support

  • Student Support Services Office: Provides services for first-generation college students, students from low-income backgrounds and students with a documented disability as they work toward earning their college degree.
  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP): Provides an avenue for admission and support for eligible students who have not yet reached their academic potential due to educational or economic barriers.   
  • Access to College Excellence (ACE): A support services program designed to aid in students’ transition from high school to college and during their first two years of study at UB. (Application required.)
  • Tutoring & Academic Support Services: Helps undergraduate students raise the bar on their classroom performance by providing resources that open doors to academic success. (Resuming online appointments in the fall.)
  • Residential Education: Coordinates the academic support initiatives within Campus Living, incorporating professional, academic, and peer mentors, including those from diverse backgrounds underrepresented among registered nurses.
  • Career Services – Majors & Careers: Discover your strengths, learn more about graduate school, build connections, volunteer, gain hands-on experience; Tips for resumes, cover letters, personal statements, online profiles, and interviewing.

Diversity in Nursing

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