Why Choose UB Nursing?

Undergrad students in skills lab.

Offering the atmosphere of a small school located within an intensive research university with rich resources, the UB School of Nursing has a variety of clinical, teaching, administrative and research opportunities.


women at table.

New roles in nursing emerge regularly in response to the changing health care needs of the population, research innovations and health care delivery systems.

The current shortage of well-qualified nursing professionals -- especially those seeking advanced education for practice and research -- ensures a wide variety of career opportunities.


DNP students.

Our competitive and rigorous programs emphasize the acquisition of clinical nursing expertise for beginning nurses and advanced skills in practice and research for experienced registered nurses.

Students are taught to think creatively, analyze health behaviors and problems, and treat patients’ responses to health and illness.

Academic Excellence

CRNA students.

UB's School of Nursing programs include a superb faculty who demonstrate expertise in practice, research and education.

Interaction with faculty occurs in one-on-one mentoring, small group classes, conferences and electronic media, along with traditional classroom settings. Affiliations with numerous diverse healthcare facilities and clinical practices provides a broad range of opportunities for our students.