Prerequisite Courses

The following courses must be taken prior to admission:

  • Advanced Heath Assessment
  • Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nursing
  • Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Nursing Practice

The following course may be taken concurrently with FNP Certificate coursework:

  • Advanced Health Assessment - Children

The School of Nursing Admissions Office will evaluate all transcripts prior to enrollment.

Admissions Requirements

Before you can apply, you must have:

  • The equivalent of a Master of Science (MS) degree in advanced practice nursing
  • Active U.S. RN and NP licenses
  • Active national certification in your specialty area (ex. PMHNP, AGNP, etc.)
  • MS GPA of 3.0 or higher

To apply, you must submit:

  • Online Application and $75 fee
  • Official copies of transcripts from ALL colleges attended
  • Resume/curriculum vitae
  • Personal statement
  • Three references


Course Credits
NPM 553 Primary Care of Individuals & Families Experiencing Addictions 3
NPM 569 Neurobiological Basis of Addictions 3
NFN 559 The Family, Theoretical Foundations and Perspectives 3
NFN 560+ Care of the Young Family 7
NFN 561+ Care of the Mature Family 7
NFN 564+ Care of the Complex Family 7
NFN 610 Family Advanced Clinical Practicum
NFN 611 Clinical Practicum Seminar

Total Credits: 28-37*

*A maximum number of 37 credit hours are required to complete the Family Nurse Practitioner Advanced Certificate. However, specific courses may be waived if the individual’s previous training specifically indicates on the academic transcripts that the required course or its equivalent has already been taken within the last 10 years. All students in this program must complete at least 28 credit hours and 600 unique clinical hours in this specialty area, all of which must be taken at the University at Buffalo.

+These courses require one day on campus each week for didactic lecture.

Additional Information