Mission, Vision & Values

Nursing instructor observing student working with manikin patient.

Our Mission

Our mission continues our scholarly excellence as we educate clinical leaders, conduct impactful research, and deliver clinical care based upon principles of collaboration, equity, inclusion, and social justice for our region and the world.

Our Vision

The University at Buffalo School of Nursing will boldly deliver tomorrow’s vision for health care as a top 25 public university educating professional nurses, conducting transformative research and providing courageous leadership.

Our Values

Our UB School of Nursing core values are inherent and critical to the achievement of our mission and vision.
  • Inclusive and Sustainable Environments: We create equitable, healthy and inclusive environs for all.
  • Ethical Behavior: We extend civility, integrity and respect of others’ perspectives.
  • Innovative Excellence: We embrace creative change.
  • Wellness: We promote personal and professional resiliency and work/life balance.
  • Collaboration: We include stakeholders, communities and interdisciplinary colleagues.
  • Transparency: We welcome open discussion and communication.
  • Compassion and Caring: We cultivate a passion for serving others.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Double our research activity by engaging research faculty with clinical faculty and obtain a center grant to be a top 25 public university.
  2. Recruit and retain faculty and staff that demonstrate diversity of thought, experience, collaboration and expertise.
  3. Achieve greater societal impact locally and globally by increasing enrollments and diversity across programs.
  4. Expand and align financial resources to support the strategic objectives of UB SON and the university.
  5. Provide students with transformative, innovative, and research-grounded educational experiences.
  6. Foster an environment of cultural sensitivity and caring, while ensuring equity, inclusion and wellness.
  7. Broaden and deepen engagement in meeting regional, national and global community health care needs by engaging and collaborating with new symbiotic partners.