Graduate Programs Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in applying for one of our graduate programs at the School of Nursing. Before you apply, please read this page outlining the application process and important details. 

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Current Applications Open

The School of Nursing is currently accepting applications for the below programs. If you do not see your program of interest listed below, do not start an application. Please email Tanner Gelatt at to inquire when we will be accepting applications for your program. 

Application Due Dates for Programs Currently Accepting Applications
Term Program Specialty Application Due Date
Spring 2022 Post-MS DNP All Specialties January 7, 2022
Fall 2022 PhD  Post-BS and Post-MS April 15, 2022

Steps for the Application Process

  1. Use the apply button at the bottom of the page and sign in using your existing account information or create a new account to start the a new application. 
  2. Select the School of Nursing option and select the semester and program you are applying for.
  3. Fill out the application in full and submit when complete. Please do not wait for letters of recommendations and official transcripts to arrive before submitting. 
  4. Once submitted, you will be emailed a link to the Status Portal. On this portal, you will be able to submit your application payment and supporting documents (personal statement, resume, etc.). 
  5. Use the checklist on the Status Portal to make sure your supporting documents are submitted by the deadline for your application. All supporting documents must be received by the application deadline for you to be reviewed. 
  6. Once all application materials are received, your application will be sent for review and the Office of Student Services will reach out with the next steps. 

Transcripts required

We require transcripts from every college/university that you've attended. For the application review process we will need official transcripts from where you obtained your bachelor's degree in nursing and if you have a master's degree. 

  • Do not upload screenshots or poor quality transcripts. 
  • If you have graduated from an institution, your transcripts, including unofficial transcripts, must reflect this.
  • If you are a current UB student, we will have access to your transcripts and will upload them for you. 

GRE/MAT Requirement

Post-BS to DNP Program

All students applying to the traditional Post-BS to DNP program, must submit a GRE or MAT score. No applicants for those programs are waived from submitting a score, regardless of academic background.

Post-MS to DNP Program

Students applying to the Post-MS to DNP program are waived if their master's in nursing GPA is, at least, a 3.5/4.0. This requirement will appear on your checklist until we can verify your GPA with your transcripts.

PhD, Early Assurance DNP, Advanced Certificate Programs

PhD, Early Assurance DNP, and Advance Certificate applicants are not required to submit a GRE/MAT test score. However this will appear on an Early Assurance applicant's checklist until we can verify eligibility with transcripts. 

Letters of Recommendation

All programs require three recommendations; please do not include more than three. Letters are submitted directly to us; however, on your Status Portal, you will be able to see which have been submitted. 

Some healthcare facilities' firewalls prevent our emails from reaching recommenders. We suggest using a personal email rather than a professional email to ensure delivery. If a recommender has not received a link to submit a letter on your behalf please email Tanner Gelatt at

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