Who is my academic advisor?

At the School of Nursing we do not assign advisors, rather, we take a team  approach to advisement. The entire advisement staff is trained to advise all undergraduate nursing students. Please note that it is the student's responsibility to seek advisement. Those participating in the Finish in Four program are required to meet with an advisor or attend a group advisement session each semester.

Advisement/ Student Affairs Staff

Elizabeth Wynne

Academic Advisor

Student Services

203 Beck Hall

Phone: 716-829-2155

Email: ewynne@buffalo.edu

Julie Kim-Proehl

Admissions Coordinator

Student Services

204 Beck Hall

Phone: 716-829-3003

Email: jkimproe@buffalo.edu

Danielle LaMarre-Smith

Director of Undergraduate Student Services

209 Beck Hall

Phone: 716-829-3765

Email: dlamarre@buffalo.edu

How will I register for classes?

New Freshmen

The School of Nursing begins registering new students on a rolling basis starting in mid-May. In order to move efficiently through the registration process, students should follow the steps below.

  • Submit your Orientation Data Form as soon as you've made your decision to attend UB and have submitted your tuition deposit. The information you provide on your data form is critical to the creation of a proper fall schedule. Please do not leave out any AP, IB or college credit.
  • If you deposit and submit your Data Form prior to May 15, we will file it until we begin our new student registration process in mid-May. Students who submit their Data Form prior to May 15 can expect to receive their fall schedule via e-mail no later than June 1. Students who submit a data form after May 15 will receive a schedule within 10 business days.
  • Please check the e-mail account you listed on your Data Form regularly. We will use that address to correspond with you regarding your schedule throughout the summer months.
  • In order to facilitate registration you must:
    • Submit your health immunization records to Student Health Services.
      Please note that we cannot register you for classes until all health immunization records are on file and you have completed your online meningitis waiver.

New Transfers (Intended Nursing Major)

  • For advisement, newly accepted transfer students should call the School of Nursing to schedule an appointment to speak with an advisor (in person or via-phone) regarding course selection.
  • Transfers will register themselves online through HUB.
  • To register: Please watch this short video on how to register for classes.

New Transfers (Approved Nursing Major)

  • Newly accepted approved nursing majors will receive information about registration for their upper division courses by email.
  • Students can register themselves online through HUB, once they receive notification from the School of Nursing.
  • To register: Please watch this short video on how to register for classes.

What can I do to facilitate class registration?

  • Submit your health immunization records to Student Health Services. Please note that you will not be able to register for classes until all health immunization records are on file and you have completed your online meningitis waiver.
  • Make arrangements to have any and all transcripts and Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and/or CLEP test credit sent to UB Admissions as soon as possible. Please visit UB Admissions for more information.

What classes will I take?

New Freshmen

Most new freshmen who are intended nursing majors will take a combination of nursing prerequisite courses and general education courses during their first four semesters at UB. Click here to view the recommneded curricular plan that we use when advising new first year intended nursing majors.

New Transfer Students

New transfer students who have not yet been admitted to the nursing program (upper division) will continue to work on completing prerequisite and general education requirements. All transfer students will enter UB with different credits and therefore be at different points in the process. New transfer students pursing nursing should call the Office of Student Affairs at 716-829-3350 to schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss transfer credit and a scheduling plan.

New transfer students who have applied and been accepted to the nursing programs will attend a School of Nursing orientation at which course selection advisement will occur. Visit the Current Students page to view the curriculum.

How will my credits transfer to UB?

UB typically accepts all college-level credit from regionally accredited two and four year institutions. Nursing prerequisites can be satisfied with courses from another institution if they are deemed appropriate equivalents. You can check for UB equivalent courses though TAURUS

Using TAURUS can be a little tricky to figure out sometimes. Please watch this instructional video.

Courses that are not listed in TAURUS: Courses that are not already articulated must be evaluated by syllabus review. Please note that the each syllabus must contain a topical outline in order to determine if the content is equivalent.

Advance Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and CLEP Credit: Depending on the score received, you may be able to receive exact course credit or free elective credit. Visit the Office of the Registrar to view information regarding acceptable coursework and scores.

When should I apply for the nursing program?

New Freshmen

Typically, a new freshmen who comes to UB with the intention of pursuing a degree in nursing will be considered an intended major for their first two years. The first four semesters (freshmen and sophomore years) will be spent completing our required nursing prerequisite courses and the general education requirements necessary for graduation. Students who complete the prerequisites as advised and meet the admission criteria will typically apply to the traditional nursing program (upper division) in the spring of their sophomore year.

Please note that admission is competitive and not guaranteed.

Transfer Students

The timing will vary from student to student depending on transfer credit, completion of prerequisite course work and achievement of admission requirements. Some transfer students will be able to apply directly into the nursing major (upper division), while others may need several semesters to complete the prerequisite requirements. New transfer students should call the Office of Student Affairs at 716-829-3350 to schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss transfer credit and a scheduling plan. Please note that the School of Nursing accepts applications only once per year for each program.

Students can apply directly to the nursing major once they have met their minimum course requirements and the minimum GPA requirements. Please note that admission is competitive and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.