Nursing PhD student published in Supportive Care in Cancer journal

Published October 7, 2021

Nursing PhD student Nouf Alanazi was co-author on a systematic review that was published in the September 2021 issue of the journal Supportive Care in Cancer.


The article, “Sleep Deprivation and Quality of Life Among Uterine Cancer Survivors: Systematic Review,” aims to describe sleep patterns among uterine cancer survivors and verify factors affecting quality of life through the examination of existing data, especially from randomized control trials and cross-sectional studies.

Cancer survivors, the authors note, are susceptible to a decreased quality and may experience post-traumatic stress and uncertainty related to the diagnostic process and the possibility of cancer recurrence. The authors found that 61% of uterine cancer survivors had poor sleep quality and 81% had a decreased quality of life.

While most recent research shows that uterine cancer survivors experience sleep deprivation that leads to a lower quality of life, they note that uterine cancer survivors experiencing sleep deprivation can improve quality of life through cognitive behavioral therapy techniques such as establishing healthy eating and physical activity habits. 

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