Daniela Getman, Fuld Scholar (ABS Program)

portrait of Daniela Getman.

About Daniela

  • Program: ABS Nursing
  • Hometown: East Amherst, NY
  • Favorite Self-Care Activity: Long walks, hikes, nights at home with a movie!
  • Previous Education: Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry, Daemen College (Chemistry minor)

Why nursing?

I hold a job as a nurse’s assistant at Sisters of Charity Hospital Main Street Campus. I fell in love with the direct patient care, and the assistance nurses are able to provide to  vulnerable populations. As nurses, we able to provide hope and care to patients when they are in what is, perhaps, the lowest position in their lives. There is something incredibly special about the difference we are able to make in other people’s lives. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. 

Why UB?

I am extremely passionate about improving the quality of care and health of our patients in Buffalo. I grew up here, and I have seen our city come back to life over the last few years. I want to continue this revitalization process by helping to further expand and develop our local health care system. I have been involved in our local healthcare system (at various hospitals and clinic sites) for years now, and I firmly believe I can make a difference in the lives of Buffaloians. Going to a place like University of Buffalo made sense, because I can see more of the local hospitals and interact with more of the local patient population to find out how I can make a difference. The University at Buffalo also has a very prestigious ABS program that holds weight with local hospitals and employers. I wanted to be a part of a very honored and respected program.

Areas of Interest

Critical care -- I love the idea of being able to give very sick patients such individualized attention. ICU nurses know every detail about their patients, and they are able to focus all of their skills and attention on their 1-3 patients, so they are able to make some real changes and improvements for those they care for. 

Activities and Accolades

While [attending Daemen] I participated in various outreach/community engagement programs such as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and Bald for Bucks, and I have been involved with St. Luke's Mission of Mercy as well as the St. Vincent de Paul Society. I have also volunteered through the Boys/Girls Scouts of America, organized journal clubs, speaker series presentation panels, and helped start a Daemen College Chapter of American Association of University Women. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and as a member of both the Collegiate Honors Society and Tri-Beta Biological Honors Society. I also received Deans Scholarships, the Wright Family scholarship, and the Wegmans scholarship. I worked at Wegmans for six years (various positions), worked for a hair care supplies company, and have held a position for two years as a nurses assistant at Sisters of Charity Hospital.

My nurses assistant job is where I fell in love with nursing and realized it was my calling in life. I have also worked as a research assistant, tutor, lab assistant, and teachers assistant. Additionally, I have volunteered at ECMC, Grider Family Health Clinic, Cleve Hill Family Health Clinic, Buffalo General Hospital and Sisters of Charity Hospital.

What's Next

I plan to obtain my BSN through University at Buffalo, and work at Sisters of Charity Hospital as a float pool nurse (I am currently a float pool aid at the hospital). I firmly believe being a float pool nurse will help me develop my skills, and will allow me to eventually transition into a specialty of care, such as critical care. I would also like to go back to school for my FNP doctorate. I love family medicine, and I would love the opportunity to work as an FNP in the private sector. I am beginning to look into UB's FNP program now.


The funding the Fuld Trust has provided me is tremendous, and allows me to attend school without having to worry as much about fianances. Becoming a nurse means everything to me, and it warms my heart to see that other people (such as UB SON and the Fuld Fellowship Program) believe in me. I will be able to focus on course work without having to work a job as much, which helps a lot given the rigor of the ABS program. This funding gives me the motivation to continue to work hard, get the best grades I can, and be a great student nurse at clinicals. This funding also gives me the confidence to look towards my future goals, such as becoming a critical care nurse and attending a doctorate program.