Colleen Larson, Fuld Fellow (ABS Program)

portrait of Colleen Larson.

About Colleen

  • Program: ABS Nursing
  • Hometown: Batavia, NY
  • Favorite Self-Care Activity: I’m a mom and I love to run around and be silly with my little ones. We also love to do yoga together.
  • Previous Education: Bachelor of Arts, Health and Human Services; BA, Philosophy, University at Buffalo

Why nursing?

I decided to become a nurse because I felt it was the perfect combination of art and science. There is an art to nursing which includes bedside manner, patient education, therapeutic communication and spiritual care. There’s also a science to nursing including ongoing assessment and re-evaluation, critical thinking, data tracking and evidence-based practices. This dichotomy suits my personality and interests well.

Why UB?

I loved UB when I was a younger. I trust the faculty here. I trust the relationships they have with local hospitals. When I decided to change careers, I was happy to return to UB.

Areas of Interest

I’m interested in mental health/behavioral health nursing and hospice nursing. I think there’s a spiritual component to all forms of nursing. In mental health and hospice care, I feel that spiritual care (in whatever form that is meaningful to the person) is especially important. I’m interested in therapeutic use of self.

Activities and Accolades

I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer. I did HIV/AIDS education in rural Swaziland, Africa. I am a church member at the Batavia Salvation Army Corps. I support the Independent Living Centers [for individuals with disabilities] in Batavia and Buffalo. Social justice is important to me.

What's Next

I hope to get some experience as a nurse and then become a nurse practitioner, possibly a psychiatric nurse practitioner.


This scholarship is helping me to support my family while I make this career change. Without help, I’d be unable to balance taking care of my family and pursuing my dream to become a nurse. I am so grateful.