Kate Voros, Fuld Fellow (ABS Program)

Kate Voros.

About Kate

  • Program: ABS Nursing
  • Hometown: Amherst, NY
  • Favorite Self-Care Activity: Walking, running
  • Previous Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting, University of Richmond (Class of 2014)

Why nursing?

I have always been very interested in the medical field – I actually used to read my family’s medical book for funwhen I was a child! I wanted to pursue a career where I have the opportunity to care for and help others and actively make a difference in people’s lives. After spending the summer of 2019 volunteering in the ER at Buffalo General, I knew that nursing was exactly the career I was looking for, as it combines my interest in the medical field with the ability to be caring, compassionate, an advocate for patients and work as a team with all medical professionals to make a positive difference.

Why UB?

I attended an information session in March 2019 at UB and after I left, I was 100% confident that UB was the school where I wanted to pursue my nursing education. I was very impressed by the clinical hours and experiences that students are provided with and the vast opportunities to be mentored by and to learn from current nurses. I feel that UB provides a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration between students, professors, hospitals and even students in other programs such as the pharmacy program, to truly give students exposure to many areas of nursing and learn the skills necessary to be the best nurses we can be. I also really enjoyed the simulation lab tour at the information session, and it gave me the feeling that UB prepares students with the confidence and experience they need to be prepared and successful in clinicals and beyond in our careers.

Areas of Interest

One area of nursing that originally peaked my interest is surgery, cardiac surgery in particular. I was watching a YouTube video about how nurses come to learn the surgeries just as well as the doctors and that attention to detail is very important.

Coming from an accounting background, I’ve developed a strong attention to detail, and I thought it might be an area of nursing I’d enjoy. Additionally, a few years ago, my dad had quadruple bypass open-heart surgery. His surgery went extremely well, and I am so grateful for the medical team and nurses that contributed to such a successful experience. I would like to give back to others who may be in the same situation as my dad in the future. I also loved my volunteering time in the emergency room, and I could picture myself working in an ER one day as a nurse. I am open minded though to exploring all areas of nursing during this program and allowing myself to naturally find the best fit for me!

Activities and Accolades

The past few months, while working on my prerequisite courses, I have been involved in our local community by substitute teaching in the Buffalo Public Schools. Giving back by assisting with the education of our youth has been extremely rewarding to me and has also helped me to grow as a person by learning how to successfully convey information to others and to manage a classroom and ensure students have a safe and productive learning environment. Prior to making this career change into nursing, I worked at a local accounting firm, working on tax returns and audits. That career taught me so many important skills, such as strong communication, attention to detail, and ability to multitask, all of which I believe will help me to be the best nurse I can be. As far as awards – my personal favorite to share is that I was one of four students in my high school graduating class of 263 students to receive the perfect attendance award for all four years of high school!


I love outdoor activities, especially in the warm weather, such as swimming, walking, running and spending time at the beach with my friends. I also just recently have taken an interest in cooking/baking and learning new healthy recipes. I also enjoy golf, although my skills are not great! I enjoy golfing with my dad, my father-in-law, and my great aunt, who has remained an avid golfer, even at her current age of 96 years old!

What's Next

Post-graduation, I plan to pass my board exam and work as an RN at one of our local hospitals in the Buffalo, NY, area. After I gain at least a few years of experience as an RN, and also after I start my family and begin to raise my children, I hope to explore my options to return to school to become a nurse practitioner.


This scholarship will greatly help me to achieve my academic and professional goals by alleviating the financial stress that I will incur while attending school. Since I am going back to school six years after originally graduating from college, I have since gotten married and purchased a house, so having the scholarship will help me be able to go back to school as an adult to pursue my nursing education and also continue to pay my bills and expenses with less stress. I feel very thankful for the Fuld Fellowship and the UB School of Nursing for selecting me as a recipient of this scholarship!