PhD student abstract published in American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

Published January 23, 2023

Michelle Kober.

Michelle Kober’s literature review examines three studies about technology- assisted mindfulness interventions for health care workers.


Kober says mindfulness strategies can help health care workers deal with work-related stress. She writes that the COVID-19 pandemic prompted increased adoption of digital health care technologies when many health services were disrupted, including those related to mental health and coping with stress among health care workers. She says that the impact of mindfulness strategies delivered digitally – for example, via a mobile application – on health care workers’ mental health has not been widely studied.

The studies Kober examined indicate that those who participated in mindfulness training reported improved mental health outcomes. She says that further study is needed to determine the impact on larger population samples. Kober also stresses the urgency of this work, given the high stress nature of the health care industry and pre-licensure educational programs.

Kober presented her work at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine conference in Orlando, Florida, in November 2022. The theme of the conference was “Redesigning Healthcare Better.”


Kober, M., & Chang, Y.-P. (2023). The effect of technology-assisted mindfulness interventions on mental health among healthcare workers: A systematic review. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 17(1 Suppl.), 88.

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