Nursing Student Organizations

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Sigma Theta Tau - Honor Society of Nursing

Sigma Theta Tau International

Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) is the honor society of nursing committed to improving health care worldwide by fostering nursing excellence through scholarship, service and leadership. STTI promotes the use of nursing research in health care delivery and makes its resources available to all people and institutions interested in the latest knowledge in nursing care.

Sigma Theta Tau International was founded in 1922 and has a membership of more than 135,000 members active in 89 countries. It nearly 500 chapters located at college and university schools of nursing worldwide. Fifty-one percent of members are clinicians, 19 percent are administrators or supervisors, and 18 percent are educators. Thirty-nine percent of its members hold master's or doctoral degrees.

Gamma Kappa Chapter

sigma theta tau.

Gamma Kappa is a chapter of STTI. Its purpose is to recognize the excellence of individual University at Buffalo undergraduate and graduate nursing students and nurse leaders in the community.

The chapter serves its members by facilitating professional growth through the development, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge and through the provision of resources. Chapter activities, supported by membership dues, promote high standards of nursing practice, research, scholarship and leadership in its members.  

MNSA - Multicultural Nursing Student Association

The Multicultural Nursing Student Association (MNSA) was formed to establish relationships among minority nursing students to provide assistance in areas such as academic counseling, financial aid, and tutoring and to establish a liaison relationship with nursing administration and faculty.

2019-2020 Multicultural Nursing Student Association Officers

NSO - Undergraduate Nursing Student Organization

The Nursing Student Organization (NSO) in the School of Nursing is a branch of the State University of New York at Buffalo Student Association. Nursing students are welcome to attend and participate in meetings. All students in the School of Nursing are members of the NSO, but only officers and elected class representatives to the NSO may vote on issues.

The NSO represents all of the students and is the main channel of communication between administration and students. The organization's primary objective is to determine and meet student needs, including aiding in learning and educational endeavors, thus providing an effective and meaningful communication network between the students and faculty members. The NSO is the students' primary contact in pursuing any issues which are of individual or group importance.

2019-2020 Nursing Student Organization Officers

GNO - Graduate Nurse Organization

Contact: Angelyn Brown, President

The Graduate Nurse Organization (GNO) was established to enrich graduate nursing students’ educational and social growth and to facilitate communication, thereby establishing identity of the student as a part of the total University community.  All matriculated students in a Graduate Nursing Program at the University at Buffalo are automatically members of the GNO.

2019 - 2020 Graduate Nurse Organization Officers

The Graduate Nurse Organization Officers are elected each April to serve a one-year term the following academic year.


Angelyn Brown

Vice President

Terra Galvano


Erica Homme

Senate Representative



The GNO is one of many student organizations that operate under the umbrella of the greater Graduate Student Association (GSA). Generally, two senators are elected from each organization for a one-year term to the GSA. This election takes place in April with the election of officers. Alternate senators are also chosen at this time.


The three (3) standing committees are:

  1. By-Laws and Elections
  2. Budget 
  3. Program Planning

The GNO is funded by the GSA in accordance with its guidelines. Students may apply to the GSA for conference funding.