Why pursue a DNP?

Nurse practitioner with patient.

A DNP program prepares nurses at the highest level of nursing practice to improve patient care and population health outcomes and translate research into practice. And, leading authorities like the AACN, the National Academies of Medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are "calling for a rapid increase in the number of nurses holding doctoral degrees to meet the nation’s demand for faculty, researchers, advanced clinicians, and leaders." 

Bridge gaps in health care.

The United States is facing an urgent primary care provider shortage, and the demand for more providers continues to increase as the population grows and ages. Nurse practitioners are helping to close this gap, particularly in rural and underserved areas.

Maximize career opportunities.

Doctorate-prepared nurse practitioners are in high demand. They are highly sought after for important roles in health care, including education, administration, leadership and as clinicians, empowering you to work in multiple settings or pursue your dream career path.

Guide nursing’s future.

With a national nurse and nurse educator shortage, there has never been a more crucial time to help strengthen the profession. Whether you mentor new nurses at the bedside or pursue a path in education, you can play an integral role in bolstering the most trusted profession.

Take the lead.

As the largest portion of the global health care workforce, nurses must have a seat at the table. With a DNP, you can pursue high-level leadership and executive positions that empower you to affect real change in policy, systems, and practice, and to advocate for the profession and patients.

Level up your skills.

Hone your skills in an area that you are passionate about. Pursuing your DNP helps you to develop a deep understanding in your area of concentration, and it improves your ability to address complex health issues and find innovative solutions.

Transform health care.

Build your skills as a clinical nurse researcher. Use your experience and clinical skills to inform and conduct research that improves patient care, and explore and solve issues you are passionate about.

DNP at UB: We’re here every step of the way.

At UB School of Nursing, our faculty understand the importance of work-life balance and self-care. Our DNP program is flexible, allowing you to complete the degree at your pace while you continue to work and live your life. 

The School of Nursing’s doctoral program ranked No. 45, No. 3 in New York State, and No. 30 among public universities nationwide.