Program Quick Facts


$1,047 per credit hour

Time to Completion

5-7 semesters

Credit Hours


Start Term

Fall or Spring



Clinical Hours

400 (completed with employer)

*Estimated tuition is based on the resident rate and does not include fees.

Program Requirements


Post-MS to DNP Curriculum

DNP Foundational Core
Course Number
Course Name
NGC 520 Scientific Writing 2
NGC 533 Teaching in Nursing 3
NGC 632 Interpreting Health Care Policy 3
NGC 634 Organization & Leadership Concepts in Health Care 3
Analytical Core for Evidence-Based Practice
 Course Number Course Name Credits
NGC 502 Applied Informatics to Evaluate Health Care Outcomes 3
NGC 504 Epidemiology DNP Bridge** 1
NGC 527 Evaluating Research Evidence for Health Care II 4
NGC 638 Program Evaluation 3
NGC 692
Seminar in Grantsmanship 1
NGC 701
State of Nursing Science 3

**Bridge course epidemiology content option for Post-Master's DNP

DNP Advanced Practice Core
 Course Number Course Name Credits
NGC 725
Advanced Clinical Practicum I  4
NGC 726
Advanced Clinical Practicum II 4
NGC 798
DNP Project Course I 1
NGC 799
DNP Project Course II 1

Total Credits: 36

NSG 725/726 Non-Clinical Hours

As a post-master’s student with certification, you are not required to complete direct patient clinical hours. However, in the two semesters in which you are completing your doctoral project, you will be required to complete 200 non-clinical hours in NSG 725/726. These hours include meetings, consultations, case conferences, negotiations, mentor meetings, patient education, etc. and implementation of your project. These are all related to your doctoral project, project site and the AACN DNP Essentials. This varies with each student depending on the student's specific doctoral project and population. These hours are planned with the NSG 725/726 faculty and course coordinator.

Additional Information