Who should write letters of recommendation for your graduate nursing program application?

Recommendation letters are one of the most vital components of your graduate nursing school application materials. As such, prospective students should carefully consider who they should select to write a recommendation. 

Recommendation letters can often be the final factor when your applications are reviewed, so it’s important to submit strong, well-written letters.

Here are four questions to ask when identifying who will write your letters of recommendation for your application to UB School of Nursing.

1. What degrees does your recommender have?

Your recommender should have a graduate degree and/or worked with you as a health care professional within the last five years. When applying to a graduate nursing program, you should utilize professionals that can speak to your ability as a nurse or your potential in a graduate program.  

2. How well does your recommender know you?

Your recommender should know you really well, as they need to be able to confidently speak to your abilities. It’s very easy to tell if the person writing your recommendation doesn’t really know you. Make sure you choose someone that can provide details and specific examples about your skills and qualifications.

3. Is your recommender good with deadlines?

Your recommender should understand the importance of dates and deadlines. Letters of recommendation are due by the application deadline. Due to the competitive nature of our programs, letters will not be accepted before an application is open or after an application has closed. When you identify who will write your letters, clearly communicate the due date.

4. How many recommendations do I need?

UB School of Nursing graduate programs require three recommendations. If you provide more than three, it will just slow down the review process. It's crucial that you follow the instructions when submitting your application

More questions about your letters of recommendation?

If you have more questions, check out this presentation about how to submit letters of recommendation. You can also email me at tannerge@buffalo.edu

-Tanner Gelatt, Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment 

Published January 3, 2023