What to include on your resume for your graduate nursing school application

Woman with laptop, resume and pencil.

Whether you’re applying for an academic program or a job, a strong resume will make your application stand out. Without a universal way to write a resume, though, it can be challenging to know exactly what you should (and shouldn’t) include when it comes your graduate school application resume.

To assist you with the application process, here four frequently asked questions about writing a resume for admission to the UB School of Nursing.

1. How long should my resume be?


Most resumes should be one or two pages. If you feel the need to expand to a third page, take a moment to examine what you’re including. Is there anything you can condense or remove? No matter the length of your resume, your content should always fill the page. If you go on to a new page, make sure there is enough content to take up the entire page. If you don’t have enough content for a whole page, it should be tailored back. 

2. What colleges/universities should be listed on my resume?

List only the institutions where you earned a degree, even if you attended additional schools during your nursing education. Occasionally, students have taken graduate coursework at a school from which they did not obtain a degree. It is up to you whether you include this on your resume. It is not required, but it will not harm your application.

3. Does a summary or objective statement help your resume?

Summary and objective statements are stylistic choices for applicants. While they can be valuable when applying to a job, they are not necessary when applying to graduate school. 

4. Should I include shadow or research experience?

Yes! Nursing admissions love to see that students have either shadowed a health care professional or helped with a research project. These activities show that prospective students are really invested in the nursing profession. These experiences can make a big difference when we are reviewing students for competitive programs. 

More questions about resumes for nursing graduate school?

If you have more questions or want to see examples of strong resumes from recently accepted students, check out the presentation below or email me at

-Tanner Gelatt, Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment 

Published March 15, 2023