Meredith Szyikowski: Grateful for the Opportunity

From January 4th-January 11th I had the opportunity to join a mission trip to Loja, Ecuador. During this time, I performed anesthesia for pediatric patients as well as adults. These operations included cleft palate repairs, syndactyly repairs, hernia, and gallbladders. Not only was I able to help patients get surgeries they needed, I learned about many of the limitations that other people face when it comes to health care. Many of these patients could not afford the surgeries and traveled from various locations just for the opportunity to be seen by the Blanca’s House team.

While I had no idea what to expect when embarking on this trip and was incredibly nervous for the various unknowns, I am so grateful I was given permission by the director of the nurse anesthesia program to join this worthwhile mission and provide care to those that were in desperate need. This experience left me feeling not only grateful for my own blessings but grateful that I will have the ability to help others locally and globally throughout my career.