Research Opportunities

Benefits of nicotinamide riboside for sleep and cognition in older Veterans

Description: We will evaluate the benefits of supplementation with nicotinamide riboside (a form of vitamin B3) on sleep and cognition of older Veterans, using surveys, computer-based tests, Fitbit, and serum-based biomarkers. 

Student duties: Students can participate in the research team by joining the literature review, compliance monitoring, data entry, analysis, and writing. Additionally, students with a chemistry or biomedical sciences background can join laboratory analyses of serum-based biomarkers. 


  • For sleep and cognitive assessments: nursing or medical-related background. 
  • For laboratory analysis: background in chemistry, biomedical sciences, and/or previous experience with basic laboratory tests such as ELISA and western blot. 

Compensation: To be determined.

Contact: Carleara Weiss, PhD, MS, RN

Intervention development for youth e-cigarette prevention and cessation

Description: We will conduct interviews to develop youth e-cigarette prevention and cessation and will develop an intervention. After developing an intervention, we will pilot test it.

Student duties: Students can participate in various activities, such as literature review, recruitment, consenting, interviews, intervention development (including app development), data analysis and writing. It depends on students’ interests and skill sets.

Qualifications: None

Compensation: It can be discussed.

Contact: Eunhee Park