Suzanne Dickerson, PhD, RN

Associate Dean, Research Doctoral Program; Associate Dean for Faculty Development; Professor

Suzanne Dickerson.

School of Nursing
University at Buffalo
301 E Wende Hall
Buffalo, NY 14214-3079

PHONE: 716-829-3254

Listening to the nurses' voices, it was amazing that in spite of the volume of deterrents to working, they continued to care for their patients … 'nurses-supporting-nurses' could be developed into a strong network to promote a solidarity that could be operationalized through nursing organizations.

Suzanne Dickerson is a professor whose research focuses on patient/technology interactions, including cancer patients using internet to seek help and support, ICD recipients, sleep apnea patients using CPAP and mixed methods using phenomenology to study sleep disturbances in lung cancer.

Dickerson lead and received a $1.2 million grant funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration titled “Maximizing Capacity to Educate Future PhD Nurse Faculty.” The goal of this grant was to create a distance learning format PhD program, which will allow for more students from varying backgrounds to enroll. The goal is for these graduating students to join the nursing faulty workforce to fill the shortage of nurse teaching professionals.

Dickerson has been a member of the UB SON faculty since 1991. She earned her BS in nursing from Niagara University and went on to earn an MS in adult health CNS cardio/respiratory and DNS in nursing from the University at Buffalo.

In the News

Book Launch: "Doing Hermeneutic Phenomenological Research: A Practical Guide"

I am very thrilled announce our book launch of: Doing Hermeneutic Phenomenological Research: A practical guide (2020, Sage Publication Inc., ISBN 978-1-5264-8573-1). This book evolved from a team (myself included) of scholars (Lesley Dibley, Suzanne Dickerson, Mel Duffy and Roxanne Vandermause) who participate in the emerging scholarship of the Advanced Hermeneutical Institute that has occurred over the past three decades. The goal of this research is to gain an understand of the meaning of human experience. To discuss philosophical underpinnings of the research, this group of national and international scholars gather annually, bringing in current philosophers to examine the readings from Heidegger and Gadamer, among others. Doctoral students and faculty also attend to engage in the scholarly discussion.  This book is a guide for scholars of any discipline to understand the philosophical way of thinking in designing and conducting Hermeneutic Phenomenological Research. A video of the book launch is below.

Book launch for "Doing Hermeneutic Phenomenological Research: A Practical Guide"