Meet Carleara Weiss, PhD, MS, RN

Carleara Weiss.

Carleara Weiss, PhD, MS, RN

Title: Postdoctoral fellow, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo
Hometown: Miracema – Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil
Research Interests: Effects of bright light therapy on circadian rhythms; sleep and fatigue in cancer survivors

"UB is the home of a large number of international students, and the School of Nursing welcomes us with high-end technology and quality in research and education. The faculty are not only well qualified in their field, but they are also great researchers and dedicated to making every student go further. At UB SON, I came to understand the impact of translational science in the clinical setting. Evidence-based research has a direct effect in improving patient care. I [learned] that we do research not WITH the patient but FOR the patient. It seems like a small change, but it shifts the approach, the respect for the patient and the quality of care.

"Being at UBSON is about pushing your own limits and always achieving more. If you are on the fence about applying, go for it! I was accepted to other programs but UBSON was the best choice I could make. The learning and research experience here are not resumed to getting a degree. It is a life-changing experience from socialization to education, touching every detail about making a successful career as scientist and faculty. I have great mentors that are truly interested in my success. I do not see that happening to my friends getting a degree elsewhere. The more open you are to take opportunities here, the more you will grow.

"For international students, I offer this: The first thing we hear when we say 'Buffal'” is the weather. Well, Buffalo is prepared for the weather. We have a four-season city and we know how to enjoy all of it. UB and UB SON are prepare to support national and international students. You will learn from every experience and you must be open to learn from your mistakes. This is the perfect environment for someone who wants to grow. Listen to your mentors; be dedicated and eager to push your own limits. You will find a great support system in the staff, faculty and your colleagues.

"So come to UB SON and get ready for a big journey!"