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University at Buffalo School of Nursing Stands Against Racial Injustice

As nurses who pledge to provide care for all human beings, we must take a stand against this structural and systemic racism that is ingrained in every aspect of our society. Read UB School of Nursing's statement.

School of Nursing Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The School of Nursing Committee on Diversity and Inclusion invites discussion and input on the ideals listed below.  These bulleted items should be viewed in a Structure (diversity), Process (inclusion) and Outcome (equity) frame.

  • Diversity exists in many ways: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ableness, religion, educational background, national origin and more. 
  • Inclusion is the School of Nursing’s organizational and intentional effort to purposively recognize diverse individuals, views and ideas equitably. Inclusion efforts will be dynamic and responsive to the educational environment.
  • Equity aspires to guarantee that students, staff, faculty and community stakeholders are fairly positioned, recognizing that resources of time, attention and flexibility must be at play.

The committee will work within the University at Buffalo concept of Inclusive Excellence.

Inclusive Excellence is a comprehensive approach that integrates inclusivity into all aspects of university operations and creates a culture of shared responsibility in which all members of the university community are integral to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

School of Nursing Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion facilitates the promotion and evolution of initiatives that address diversity and inclusion. This committee has monthly meetings and includes three faculty, three staff, and a minimum of two students. The faculty-staff unity and collaboration is palpable in the committee. The presence of the Multicultural Nursing Student Association is also valued.


Contact the committee at nursingdiversity@buffalo.edu

Diversity and Inclusion Showcase

Hallway display of diversity, COVID-19 and committee goals including trainings, mentorship, advisement review, and curriculum review.

The diversity and inclusion showcase is located outside 114 Wende Hall. The display currently highlights the Diversity & Inclusion committee's initiatives and COVID-19's impact on racial and ethnic minority communities in WNY.

The simplest processes are able to infuse inclusion and inspire others. A visual diversity and inclusion presence in the decanal unit is vital to our shared mission and vision. This dedicated showcase highlights diversity and inclusion themes and initiatives regularly. Photos, stories, and artifacts are showcased attractively.

View the Display Documents

Links to accessible versions of the documents in the display can be found below. If you need additional assistance accessing these documents, please contact nursingdiversity@buffalo.edu.

University at Buffalo Diversity and Inclusion Resources

The School of Nursing complies with all non-discrimination policies of the University at Buffalo.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Underrepresented Minority Scholarships & Fellowships

International and Domestic Women only Fellowships

Minority and Multicultural Nurse Associations

National Associations

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