Dante Hatem, BS '19, RN

Dante Hatem, Multicultural Nursing Student Association President (2018-2019), delivering a speech at the 2019 commencement ceremony.

Dante Hatem, BS '19, RN

Title: Medical ICU Nurse at Upstate University Hospital

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

"I want to express my utmost gratitude to ... the faculty at UB SON for being such wonderful teachers and genuinely wanting the best for your students. I have heard from new graduates from all over on how unorganized their programs were and I feel blessed for choosing the right school.

I am five shifts into my orientation on a medical ICU unit at Upstate University Hospital, and I have had such flattering compliments for how far ahead I am than most new orients. I am already being given vented patients, unstable patients and full autonomy to treat them. I am confident speaking with doctors, especially when it comes to patient advocacy and drug options, and I have made impactful recommendations to doctors and more.

Almost every nurse on my unit has asked if I came from another hospital (in a good way) and are very surprised with how well I perform difficult skills, manage my time and perform thorough assessments for all patients. For example, today I ordered an ABG for an extubated patient when I noticed a change in the patient's mentation from my morning assessment. The results showed the patient was extremely acidotic, so I notified the MD and we created a plan together to improve the patient’s outcome.*

I cannot thank [the faculty] enough, as UB's program has put me so far ahead compared to so many graduate nurses from other schools and has given me the confidence I need to survive on my demanding floor."

*Patient details altered to protect privacy.