Ashleigh Holmes, MSN, AGPCNP-BC, Stephanie Mucha Scholar


About Ashleigh

  • Hometown: Schenectady, NY
  • Favorite Self-Care Activities: Watercolor painting, yoga, running
  • Undergraduate Education: Master of Science in Nursing, University of Pennsylvania; Bachelor of Science, Nursing, University of Pittsburgh
  • Current Program: PhD


The synchronous format allows me to continue to serve my community while pursuing the next step in my career. Also, I felt welcomed with open arms into the UB family in all my interactions with faculty and staff including the initial information session, my interviews, and my first meeting with my advisor.

Areas of Interest

My areas of research including neuropathic pain and the intersection of pain and mental health in primary care. In my work as a primary care nurse practitioner in a predominantly low-income community, one of my greatest challenges is to care for patients experiencing pain and comorbid mental illness. There are underlying factors and social determinants of health that greatly affect perceived well-being and symptom burden. It is often frustrating and dispiriting to both patients and providers to elucidate the causes of and successfully manage these conditions. I am pursuing these interests by assisting in research with my advisor and continuing to practice in my community.

Professional Goals

My professional goals are to synthesize and disseminate knowledge that impacts my community and improves patient and provider satisfaction. I additionally aim to continue teaching nursing students and sharing my experiences and passion for learning.

Health Care Impact

My research will improve the understanding of factors influencing complicated health conditions, with the eventual goal of improving both patient and provider satisfaction. I also aim to inspire future nursing students and teach in a practical and meaningful way.


This scholarship provides financial stability so I can pursue full-time study and immerse myself in research and learning.