Changing Your Major to Intended Nursing

If you wish to change your major to Intended Nursing, and your overall cumulative GPA is 3.0 or higher, we invite you to complete our Major Change Request form


Please note that you should have an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to change your major to intended nursing. 

Overall Cumulative GPA BELOW 3.0?

Students who do not currently have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA should work with their current advisor or the Exploratory & Pre-Professional Advising Center (EPAC) to identify a more appropriate major.

Explore your options:

Explore other health related majors

Students interested in health related fields may want to consider majoring in Public Health, Psychology, Exercise Science or Social Science Interdisciplinary- Health and Human Services. Please view list of UB majors in the Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog.

Take advantage of online support

Start by visiting the Major Transitions website and utilize the many resources (i.e. YouTube videos and alternative major brochures) and additional links found on that site.

Connect with an academic advisor

Advisors in the Exploratory & Pre-professional Advising Center (EPAC) work with students in transition who are undecided about a new major (and are not a part of one of the populations listed below*) and advising for all other majors is offered through a network of offices*.  You should contact the appropriate office as soon as possible to get help with revising your academic plan.

* Note: If you are a member of ACE, Acker, Athletics, EOP or Honors, it is important that you contact your academic advising office directly for further assistance and support.

Explore the Career Services options

Career counselors, and the many resources this office provides, can help you think in new ways about choosing a major/career that is right for you.