Dedicated Education Units

Dedicated Education Units (DEU) enhance future nurses’ experience. Read more about ABS program alumnus Noah Bourne's DEU experience in UBNow.

UB School of Nursing has Dedicated Education Units (DEU) in numerous settings to provide a synergistic environment to best educate the next generation of nurses. We partner with numerous community health care organizations to provide the best clinical experiences for our students.

  • DEU Sites
    The University at Buffalo School of Nursing currently has DEUs in several major hospitals in the city of Buffalo and surrounding suburbs and an additional DEU in a hospice facility.
  • DEU Stories and Experiences
    Dedicated Education Units provide a valuable learning experience for our students.  We value the opportunities these settings are able to offer to our students as well as the clinical preceptors who generously partner to mentor the students. 
  • Scholarly Activities and the DEU
    Former UB School of Nursing Clinical Instructor Joanne Chmura, MS, FNP-BC, was published in Nurse Educator for work on dedicated education unit (DEU) models in hospice and palliative care settings.