Will transfer credit satisfy any of the prerequisites?


Transfer Articulation and University Requirements at UB System (TAURUS) is a database of how transfer courses will transfer to UB.  Check how your credits will transfer though TAURUS. Courses listed in TAURUS as transferring to UB as the exact same UB prerequisite course number or to UB as the Nursing Equivalent Course (NSG999TR_ _ _) will fulfill the school of nursing prerequisite.

Course Articulation Cautions

  • TAURUS course articulation is relative to the year and term a course is taken. Course credits transferred to UB from institutions with other academic calendar systems will be converted to semester credits.
  • UB reserves the right to change articulations at any time. UB also reserves the right to deny articulation on student records if there are errors found within the equivalency guide.

See additional information regarding course articulation cautions here: Course Articulation Cautions - TAURUS - University at Buffalo

Important Information

Important Information
  • Anatomy and Physiology I & Anatomy and Physiology II must be completed at the same institution.
  • You must receive a grade of C or higher to fulfill our prerequisite requirement (C minus in not accepted).
  • You must receive a grade of C or higher (C minus in not accepted) in each component (lecture, lab, recitation) of a course. Averages will not be accepted.
  • You must receive a letter grade in the prerequisite course. A pass grade will not be accepted. This does not apply to exam credit.

Syllabus Review (courses not listed in TAURUS)

For prerequisite courses below that are not listed in TAURUS use the online form to submit a syllabi review.  Syllabi must include a topical outline and lab outline (if applicable).  Below are the prerequisite course titles and the UB department you will need to select when you submit the syllabi:

  • Human Anatomy / PAS
  • Human Physiology / PGY
  • A&P1 & A&P2 / PAS & PGY
  • Chemistry / CHE
  • Microbiology / MIC
  • Pharmacology / PMY
  • Applied Patho Physiology / PGY
  • Nutrition / NTR
  • Intro to Sociology / SOC
  • Intro to Psychology /PSY
  • Nursing Statistics / NSG
  • Human Growth and Development / NSG

Since TAURUS does not review graduate level courses if you have a graduate level course that you believe may fulfill a prerequisite, you can email the syllabi to nursing@buffalo.edu. If you have an upper division nursing course you would like to be reviewed, you must wait until you have direct admission to the nursing program.

Test Credit

Advance Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and CLEP Credit: Depending on the score received, you may be able to receive exact course credit or free elective credit.