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General Advisement

Which program is right for me?

The University at Buffalo School of Nursing offers three undergraduate programs that lead to a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Use the table below to determine which program fits you best.

Available programs by student type
Student Type Program
High school student Traditional
BS in Nursing
College student or
student with college credit
BS in Nursing
Bachelor's degree
(outside of Nursing)
Accelerated (ABS)
BS in Nursing
Associates Degree in Nursing
&  RN license
RN to BS
in Nursing

When does the nursing program begin?

  • The Traditional program begins once per year in the fall semester only.
  • The ABS program begins once per year in the summer semester only.

How much does each program cost?

Please visit our undergraduate Tuition, Financial Aid & Scholarships page for information.

Can I visit or speak to an advisor?

Advisement via email

Please email nursing@buffalo.edu with questions. An academic advisor will respond to you within three business days.

Visit Us

The School of Nursing offers a variety of ways prospective students can talk with an academic advisor. See our Visit Us page to choose an option that works best for you.

Is the nursing program offered part-time or at night?

No, our program is a traditional on campus, full time day program.

Can I work during the program?

Our nursing program is rigorous. We recommend students not work more than 10 hours per week.

Does the School of Nursing offer scholarships?

Yes. We have a variety of endowments and fellowships. To be considered there is a scholarship essay question incorporated into the NursingCAS application.

Application & Eligibility

What are the admission requirements?

Please visit our Admissions page to view requirements for each program.

When can I apply?

Prospective high school students

Prospective high school students may apply to UB as incoming freshman intended nursing majors. Admission as a freshman does not guarantee admission to the nursing program. The first two years of college coursework entail a specific sequence of prerequisite courses. Students receive advising from staff at the School of Nursing to ensure they are registering for the correct sequence of classes. Once students have completed most of the prerequisite courses, they may apply directly to the School of Nursing, typically during their sophomore year.

Transfer Students

For transfer students the timing will vary from student to student depending on transfer credit, completion of prerequisite course work and achievement of admission requirements. Some transfer students will be able to apply directly into the nursing major (upper division), while others may need several semesters to complete the prerequisite requirements. Please note that the School of Nursing accepts applications only once per year for each program. Students can apply directly to the nursing major once they have met their minimum course requirements and the minimum GPA requirements. Please note that admission is competitive and meeting the minimum requirements does not not guaranteed admission.

Students who still need to complete remaining prerequisite courses can apply to UB as a transfer applicants. Admission to UB as a transfer student does not guarantee admission to the nursing program. When students apply to UB, they are admitted as an intended nursing major.

How competitive is admission to the program?

Admission is competitive and granted on a space available basis to those who present a strong overall academic record. Please visit our admissions page to view our admission profile.

Honors Nursing students are guaranteed admission to the Traditional BS in Nursing program provided they satisfy the requirements of the Honors College and the Nursing program. To maintain their seat in the program, students must be in good standing with the Honors College; satisfy the School of Nursing minimum admission requirements, including prerequisite courses and overall and prerequisite GPA requirements; and submit the nursing supplemental application by the deadline.

Can I apply if I do not meet all the admission requirements?

Only students who meet ALL admission criteria will be considered for admission by the School of Nursing, Undergraduate Admissions Committee. Unqualified applicants will be automatically denied.

Please note:

Students who have been dismissed from other nursing programs are not eligible for admission.

What if I was dismissed from another nursing program?

Students who have been dismissed from other nursing programs are not eligible for admission.

Do you require a nursing entrance exam (TEAS, HESI, A2)?


Do you require letters of recommendation?

No, we do not accept letters of recommendation. Our review process is based solely on overall and prerequisite GPA’s as well as essay responses and resume.

Do you have admissions interviews?

No, we do not interview.

How many volunteer hours do you require?

There is no work or volunteer requirement. However, applications require students to write thoughtful essay responses related to the profession. Therefore, we recommend students seek opportunities to work, volunteer and shadow in the nursing field.


Can I take Anatomy & Physiology I and Anatomy & Physiology II from two different schools?

No, they must be taken at the same school.

My prerequisite course work is several years old; are there any time limits on the prerequisites?

There are no time limits.

Are transfer credits accepted?

Yes, if they are equivalent courses. Visit our transfer credit page for more information.

Do you accept test credit to fulfill the any prerequisites?

Do you round GPAs?

GPAs are calculated and rounded to the hundredth decimal point.

Can I repeat courses for a higher grade? Is there a limit to the number of time I can repeat them?

We will use your highest grade for prerequisite GPA calculation. We will apply UB’s Repeat Policy for the cumulative GPA calculation. If you are trying to repeat courses at UB, please note some courses are enrollment controlled (Priority Registration for Students Attempting a Course for the First Time).

I took a prerequisite class as pass/fail. Will you accept the pass ("P") grade?

No.  A letter grade of A-C is required.

What if I get a C minus or lower in a component of the course like the lab?

It will not fulfill the prerequisite requirement and that component will have to be repeated.  

Do you accept course credit from outside the US?

Yes, however there are some additional things you need to know:

Prerequisite Courses

If you have taken a prerequisite course abroad, check TAURUS to see if the international institution you attended is listed. If so, you can look for articulations as described above. If your course is not listed, the School of Nursing will require a syllabus in English and a WES or ECE Evaluation to determine if the course fulfills our prerequisite requirements.

Documents to Submit with UB Application

International students should contact the Office of International Undergraduate Admissions in order to determine which documents are need when you apply. Domestic applicants with international credentials should contact the Office of Admissions to determine what documents are required when you apply.