Daniel Clever, Fuld Fellow (RN to BS Program)

About Daniel

Daniel Clever.
  • Program: RN to BS
  • Hometown: Derby, NY
  • Favorite Self-Care Activity: Hunting and soccer
  • Previous Education: BS, Biochemistry, SUNY Fredonia; AAS, Nursing, Trocaire College

Why nursing?

As a young kid I idolized the health care field. I saw medical shows on TV presenting how cool it was to be a doctor. The acts of giving medication, catching rare conditions and performing life saving procedures were romanticized. The glamour of the TV doctors made me want to be a doctor until I realized that all the medical dramas get it wrong. It wasn’t until I began working at Roswell Park that I truly knew I wanted to be a nurse.

As a nursing assistant, I began to realize how unique the nursing profession is. I soon understood that the attributes I had seen on TVand idolized as a child were actually the attributes of a nurse. I wanted to be the one to administer the medication that saved a life. I wanted to catch the rare symptoms. I wanted to perform lifesaving compressions.

Now that I am a nurse, I am doing these things every day. I get to be the strength for my patients when they are at their weakest. I get to improve my patients' quality of life beyond what they imagined. Also, when my patient has little time left in this life, I hold their hand and comfort them. There are days that are tough, but I often leave work and am in awe that I get paid to do something I love so much.

Why UB?

I chose the University at Buffalo School of Nursing for its national reputation for excellence. It is well known that UB nurses have the discipline to master their craft. I chose UB as I want my name to be attached to that expectation of mastery. This will lay the groundwork for my first impression in the Buffalo medical community. It will show my colleagues and patients that my work ethic and expertise match the expectations of a UB nurse.

Areas of Interest

Working at Roswell Park has sparked my interest in the field of oncology. The treatment modalities in oncology are rapidly changing as the understanding of cancer becomes greater. My hope is that throughout my career I can continue working in a field that is constantly pushing the envelope for new and more effective treatments.

Activities and Accolades

Outside of work, I enjoy reffing soccer at the club and high school levels. It keeps me active and helps support a game that I have enjoyed since I was young.

This past summer I was able to volunteer at the Cradle Beach summer enrichment program in Angola, New York. I had a blast helping as a volunteer and would enjoy doing so again in the future. The environment at Cradle Beach exudes positivity. The experience was as enriching for me as it was for the campers.

What's Next

My 10-year plan includes me finishing my education in a doctoral nursing program and practicing independently in a specialized field. I have found my niche in the field of nursing and look forward to expanding my role as my education continues.