Nouf Alanazi, MS, BSN, RN

Faculty Advisor: Rebecca Lorenz, PhD, RN


Research Interests

  • Gynecology survivors
  • Sleep health
  • Adults


Alanazi, M. T., Alanazi, N. T., Alfadeel, M. A., & Bugis, B. A. (2021). Sleep deprivation and quality of life among uterine cancer survivors: systematic review. Support Care Cancer. Advance online publication.

Lorenz, R. A., Auerbach, S., Nisbet, P., Sessanna, L., Alanazi, N., Lach, H., Newland, P., Fisher, N., Pandey, K., Thomas, F. P., & Chang, Y.-P. (2020). Improving Sleep among Adults with Multiple Sclerosis Using Mindfulness plus Sleep Education. Western Journal of Nursing Research.

Sessanna, L., Nisbet, P., Alanazi, N., Lorissaint, D., Auerbach, S. L., Chang, Y.-P., & Lorenz, R. A. (2020). The Experience of Participating in an 8-Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction plus Sleep Retraining Course among Women Living with Multiple Sclerosis. Clinical Nursing Research.