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  • Post-BS to PhD
    The Post-BS to PhD program equips baccalaureate-prepared nurses to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in nursing.
  • Post-MS to PhD
    The Post-MS to PhD program equips master's prepared for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in nursing.
  • Post-DNP to PhD
    The Post-DNP to PhD program equips doctorally prepared nurse practitioners for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in nursing.
  • Early Assurance Program
    The Early Assurance PhD Program offers the opportunity for current, qualified baccalaureate of science in nursing students to gain early acceptance to University at Buffalo's PhD in Nursing program. 
PhD Students Are Eligible to Apply for NFLP Funding

The Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) is a funding opportunity that aims to increase the number of qualified nursing faculty. PhD students can apply for up to five years of financial support, contingent upon ongoing federal funding. To learn more, visit the UB SON NFLP page.

Additional Information

A PhD program of study requires a significant time commitment. More than 20 hours of work per week outside of the program is discouraged during full-time coursework or dissertation research. While full-time study is ideal, students may also enroll on a part-time basis with the understanding that not all courses are available each semester and scholarships for part-time students are limited.