Kafuli Agbemenu, PhD, MPH, RN, CTN-A

Associate Professor

Kafuli Agbemenu.

School of Nursing
University at Buffalo
201D Wende Hall
Buffalo, NY 14214-8013

PHONE: 716-829-6023

The development of culturally-targeted reproductive health education is urgently needed. Health care professionals also need to understand that refugee women are likely to have histories of trauma and, therefore, need care delivered from a trauma-informed perspective.

Kafuli Agbemenu is an alumna who earned her BS from UB School of Nursing.  She went on to earn an MPH with a focus on behavioral and community health science and global health, as well as her MS and PhD in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh.

Her research focuses on examining the reproductive health outcomes of African immigrant and refugee women. Specifically, she conducts research on culturally-congruent family planning education, contraceptive decision making and uptake, pregnancy outcomes, HIV stigma reduction, and access to reproductive health care services for African immigrant and refugee women.

She also has published studies that found cultural differences between clinicians and Somali Bantu women affect the uptake of family planning in the population.

In 2019, Agbemenu was named one of the first recipients of the Changemakers in Family Planning grant awards from the Society of Family Planning. This grant also includes membership in the Society of Family Planning.

Agbemenu advocates for cultural competency in health care, urging providers to be more cognizant of cultural traditions, values and beliefs when providing care.

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