Rachel Johnson, Fuld Fellow (RN to BS Program)

Rachel Johnson.

About Rachel

  • Program: RN to BS
  • Hometown: Fredonia, NY
  • Interests/hobbies: I am a wife and mother of 5. Most of my free time revolves around spending time with my family, which I love. I also enjoy reading and remodeling my house. If I had to pick one "me time" hobby as a favorite, it would be working on home decoration projects.

Why UB?

I knew that after my Baccalaureate degree was completed that I would want to attend UB for my graduate program. UB has a great campus, and an exceptional reputation which is why I choose it. UB's RN to BS program was a natural choice for me, as I felt like it would make transitioning to my graduate program easier.

Activities and Accolades

Prior to becoming a registered nurse I was an aid on a Mother/Baby unit, and now I work as a an OB Nurse. Maternity and women's health are a passion of mine. I pride myself in helping others and acted as the nursing tutor for my nursing program. In that role I tutored my fellow classmates and other students attending per-requisite courses. Also, I was awarded the Clinical Excellence award by my ADN program at Jamestown Community College.

What's Next

I plan to further my education beyond my baccalaureate degree. My goal is to continue my education and become a Nurse Practitioner. 


As a mother of five myself, I can say that receiving this support helps to significantly reduce the burden of my education on my family. My family happily makes sacrifices so that I can further my education, but this support helps eliminate some of these sacrifices. The ultimate result is that it will help me achieve my future career goals and dreams.